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Drew Burke

My name’s Drew Burke and I’m the owner of Tofino Travel Company which offers all-inclusive surf camps out here on the West Coast. I grew up on Vancouver Island and was drawn to this amazing corner of the earth because I love forests and beaches and wanted to be in the surf all the time. I’m very lucky to be able to call Tofino my home and to live in an environment that inspires me each and every day. I get to share that excitement and inspiration with other people and they get to sink into the lifestyle here for a week. The whole point of these camps is to have the chance to live and breath what it’s like to live in Tofino; to wake up each morning and head down to the beach and paddle out into the ocean. It's awesome.


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Aug. 21, 2016

5 Day Tofino Surf Camp

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Tofino, BC, Canada