Good trip, though didn't make the summit due to factors outside of the organizer's control (bad weather, relative inexperience in mountaineering). Equipment was in generally good shape, though I brought my own sleeping bag and most of the recommended clothing (insulated snow pants would have been better but the outer shell provided more or less did the job it was supposed to do). Base camp was modest but fine for a night. Bed was a little lumpy but it more or less conformed to my body shape so it wasn't a bit deal - others may have different experience. High camp was surprisingly well-equipped given its location. Wlady was friendly and even remembered me from the previous 'attempt' (bad weather aborted that trip so it seems like a pattern for me).
By Samuel S for Chimborazo Private climb on 06 Dec, 2022
It was an amazing experience. The guide was so much fun and made the long hike enjoyable. He always made sure I was okay on the hike which helped make me feel safe.
By Justin W for Chimborazo Private climb on 02 Dec, 2022
there are a lot of claims that this is a non-technical climb that's suitable for mountaineering beginners in good condition. This may have been true with a longer, ridge-line ascent that most companies used to use. The current, newer route, however, is shorter and harder. There are technical sections, seracs, some sharp ledges, and almost no instructions in crampon use or walking as a member of a rope team. That ends up creating dangerous scenarios for anyone with less technical experience. This isn't just the company we went with- every guiding service and every group staying in the refugio was taking the same route and doing the exact same things. the guides are mostly freelance and are good, considering the circumstances- they reacted rapidly and sensibly when altitude sickness set in and provided considerable assistance when necessary. The guides are given a very difficult task and ours did well. It is the supervising organizations, however, that need to be more responsive and provide a lot more information. In my group's case, we would have gladly attempted a slightly smaller mountain with less or no glaciar travel, for example. I suggest identifying a way to stay several days at tambopaxi to acclimate better and possibly multiple days at the refugio, if possible. The food was good, transportation was good, everything was on time, etc. These aspects went well, but the route to ascend is much more technical than advertised. Be aware before you go
By Michael T for Mountain Climbing Ecuador - Cotopaxi 2 climbers on 29 Oct, 2022
Thank you for your review Cotopaxi is still not a technical climb, we understand some people may not be aware of the physical challenge and just sign up to see what happens. Cotopaxi is a beautiful mountain our guides are always willing to work the bet way as possible
By Ecuador Eco Adventure on 05 Dec, 2022