Past Trips

Amazon - Hoaorani Tribe
Amazon - Hoaorani Tribe
Francisco de Orellana, Ecuador
4 days
Mendoza, Capital, Provincia de Mendoza, Argentina
9 days


I had an amazing solo hiking trip with EET! I felt safe, supported, and informed throughout the experience. Edwin & Pablo were fantastic guides, both knowledgeable and friendly at every turn. However, my third guide spoke no English; although still a good experience, it does cause slight concern if danger were to occur. I wish this was clarified at the beginning. As for the hikes, PLEASE be prepared for extreme physical challenge. I climbed Iliniza North, Carihuairazo, and Chimborazo - all pushing my limits in different capacities. If you do not have prior mountaineering experience, please reconsider these peaks for your safety. Finally, many details of the trip went as planned, though some minor aspects changed last minute. Communication could be slightly improved for added clarity. Additionally, the borrowed equipment was not the best quality - I recommend bringing your own, if possible. Thank you to all who made this trip awesome!
By Brett P for Chimborazo 6 day program (Solo Climber) on Feb 09, 2024
Amazing adventure with a fantastic company. Great guides and logistics. Highly recommended!
By Thomas C for Chimborazo 9 day program - Private on Jan 29, 2024
What a first class tour company. My so was guided to the summit of Chimborazo by an outstanding guide! The food and housing were outstanding with comfortable beds and plenty od hot water for long showers. Communication in establishing our needs and wants were professionally done by Valery Guaman!
By Tracy S for Chimborazo Basecamp on Jan 17, 2024