I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. I met new friends and had great experiences together. Plus the food was amazing, especially if you like spicy food!!
By Erica J for The Offical Nigeria Blackout 2.0 (Spring Break Edition) on Apr 09, 2019
The intimate amount of attendees compounded the overall experience of exploring Nigeria. The knowledge obtained and experiences achieved are priceless. Hands on knowledge about the African diaspora, the Yoroba culture, and the Nigerian experience cannot be explained in only 144 characters. This trip forces you to question the version of history you were taught in school. This trip provides you with great illustration of the past, present and future of the Nigerian culture.
By Murielle N for The Offical Nigeria Blackout 2.0 (Spring Break Edition) on Apr 08, 2019
I had an a'maaaaazing time. And I saw way more of the country than I could have imagined. I had so many stories to tell my coworkers this morning.
By Obiajulu M for The Nigeria BlackOut 2.0 ( ALL INCLUSIVE ) on Apr 01, 2019