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My first experience with Elsa and her Repurpose trips was to Curaçao. It was a beautiful week experiencing the island, getting to know new people, and being able to self-reflect. It was a very memorable trip, I’m so happy I stepped outside my comfort zone and joined Elsa on this trip.
By Eboné W on 23 Aug, 2022
Let me tell y’all! Elsa plans the most fun trips! I have been to Costa Rica and Curaçao, and they did not disappoint! These trips are not for the weak! So, if you wanna to have a fun time and experience all of what the destination has to offer then, Elsa’s trips are the ones to attend!
By Penni H on 22 Aug, 2022
I have travels with Elsa two trips and both were amazing experiences and affordable. The excursions are fun and adventurous. The trips are reasonable amount of money and definitely worth the price.
By Karimen L on 21 Aug, 2022