Round 2 Buena Vida Retreat in La Saladita! Despite a tropical storm rolling through, we made the most of it. This is the perfect retreat if you're looking for chill vibes, 1-2 yoga classes a day, optional massages, as well as the opportunity to take surf lessons or rent your own surfboard plus epic henna designs. Emily, Lisa, and Julie give you full autonomy on this retreat to make the retreat what YOU want it to be.
By Catherine M for Buena Vida Retreat: La Saladita, Mexico on Oct 25, 2023
Not what you would expect from a surf & yoga retreat. Hosts lacked preparedness, communication, & execution. Constructive feedback was provided by the guests to then be dismissed & labeled angry. No way to secure belongings & lock your room when you left the rental home. From the start of the trip no hot water & inconsistent wifi after a 3K bill per person. Trip was arranged by the hosts at the tail end of hurricane season yet the hosts were surprised when one hit. Encouraged inexperienced surfers to surf in 5-8ft waves. Used photos of the guests for commercial promotion without obtained consent. I would not do this retreat again.
By T/J . for Buena Vida Retreat: La Saladita, Mexico on Oct 24, 2023
A horrible waste of my time, energy, and money. This “retreat” felt like I and the other guests were intruding on the hosts vacation. This retreat misrepresents itself in its marketing for financial gain.
By Caitlin G for Buena Vida Retreat: La Saladita, Mexico on Oct 21, 2023