Extremely disorganized. Tour company didn't reach out once, and two days before I reached out repeatedly to get the meetup point and time, and kept getting stalled. Company was just an intermediary with the boats themselves and managed none of the actual tour. Tour itself was also very disorganized and extremely touristy, not flexible. Overpriced and not a great time.
By Cesar M for Tour Lago Titicaca Full Day (Uros y Taquile) Lancha Veloz on Jan 09, 2024
We are very sorry about your unsatisfactory experience with our tour to Uros and Taquile. We always aim to provide high-quality services. We communicate with clients a day before the tour via WhatsApp for meetup details, and we apologize for any confusion caused. Our tour to Uros and Taquile aims to connect travelers with local communities, offering a unique cultural experience and the opportunity to support the inhabitants by purchasing their traditional handicrafts and textiles. We take your feedback on the tour's organization and flexibility seriously and will work to improve. We value your comments, as they help us improve and offer better experiences. We hope to provide you with a more satisfactory experience in the future. Sincerely, Reservations Department
By Enjoy Peru Holidays EIRL on Jan 10, 2024
Joel nos hizo el tour súper interesante.
By Ariadna O for Super Valle Sagrado - Tikarisun Restaurant on Dec 11, 2023
Palccoyo fue un paisaje espectacular, montañas de colores alrededor, valle rojo, las piedras... Una excursión mucho más llevadera que Vinicunca en cuanto al mal de altura de refiere. Héctor fue un guía de 10.
By Ariadna O for Tour Montaña Palccoyo Cusco on Dec 11, 2023