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Eric Kolesar

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I'm Eric Kolesar, Founder of Higher Living Now. Guiding people to self-empowerment through yoga, coaching and adventure is my passion. With a balanced mind and body, you tap into your most authentic self and are more likely to share your gifts with the world. Understanding, compassion and mindfulness are the cornerstones of my beliefs and life work. Today is the day to take steps to achieve your goals. Using a variety of techniques firmly grounded in neuroscience, we create a framework for you to start living at a higher vibration.


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Higher Living Horse and Yoga Retreat
Higher Living Horse and Yoga Retreat
La Fortuna, Alajuela Province, Costa Rica
Dec 10, 2018


I have had the pleasure of spending time with Eric 2 time abroad, both times in costa rica. 1 for yoga training for a month, the second time for a week long yoga retreat. Eric is passionate, knowledgeable, and always provides a new dimension and depth to topics that are adressed. He is an awesome person!!
By Nina Yashin on Feb 21, 2018
Last year I attended my first Yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Eric Is an Amazing Yoga Guru. He is also very knowledgeable about the country and culture. I came away from this retreat with so much Knowledge, wonderful experiences and lots of new friends . This was an Amazing Life altering experience. I hope to attend more retreats in the near future. I highly recommend choosing Eric as a Yoga Guru and retreat guide . Namaste Holly Hoemke
By Holly Hoemke on Jan 29, 2018
Words cannot begin to describe how amazing Eric is, especially when it comes to yoga retreats. I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend one of his retreats this past summer and it was literally an unforgettable experience. There are people in this world that just attract goodness and light, and are able to radiate that goodness and light into others. Eric is definitely one of those people. He has such a calming presence, yet is keenly aware of others and their needs. I have attended yoga classes internationally, and Eric is, by far, one of the best instructors I have ever had. He always made sure that the attendees had what they needed, and went above and beyond to ensure we had an unique and amazing experience. If you have a chance to attend a retreat with Eric - don't think about it for another second - just do it. As Eric would say, "The Universe is Talking to You" - now it is up to you to listen. I promise you won't regret it!
By Valerie Wright on Jan 28, 2018
You won’t want to miss a chance to attend one of Eric’s retreats. He brings so much knowledge, compassion and commitment to his work it’s contagious! He gets to know every participant and really focuses on the needs of individuals and the group.
By Michelle Egan on Jan 25, 2018
I was blessed to attend a retreat with Eric in Costa Rica over the summer. He exuded a calm, powerful presence through his teaching and yoga instruction, creating a safe space to learn and explore. His willingness to share his knowledge, insights and healing gifts with each person there was beautiful to experience and to witness.
By Karen Rampy on Jan 25, 2018