Past Trips


Great people, great program!
By Julia D for Mallorca BJJ and Yoga Festival 2023 on Nov 27, 2023
The festival was perfectly organized and the seminars were all high level! It was a really nice atmosphere all around and the location was beautiful. Thank you for the good work. We had a great time!
By Felix W for 2023 Mallorca Residencias (Off site tickets) on Nov 12, 2023
This trip was great! We mainly signed up for the yoga and bjj but the other classes were excellent too. In fact the only bad thing is that you can’t do them all! The accommodation was great. Very nice room. The only thing I found slightly annoying was the timings. Obviously there are a lot of classes and we want to get to as many as possible but often time that meant that you would either be rushing around to get some lunch or just go without…. And for an activity holiday like this, you need calories!! You might have been able to get a quick lunch at the hotel but they’re charging fortunes for food and you’d be running straight into a class immediately after. I’m sure organising so many activities is a nightmare but if you don’t get food, you don’t have the energy!! It would be easier if it was full board so you don’t have to run out to get food and it’s already waiting for you when you come out of class…. Eat, then into the next class. Obviously there would need to be a buffet style like breakfast where there is something for everyone. That’s my only criticism. Otherwise, everything was fantastic. Instructors were great too. Obviously. We will be attending again soon!
By Nick G for Mallorca BJJ and Yoga Festival 2023 on Nov 09, 2023