We had a great time which will always in our memory.. The Galapagos was amazing and a paradise for wildlife lovers. The guide and crew of Galapagos Angel were fantastic. The service, food and wifi speed were excellent. Due to the bird flu, some of the visitor sites on the itinerary (Genovesa, Suarez Point of Espanola) were closed. Although the replacement sites/activities were excellent, I wish Royal Galapagos had mentioned the closure or possible closure on its website so people can make an informed decision when booking the cruise.
By Han X for Galapagos Angel Cruise - Galapagos Insiders on May 21, 2024
This was an outstanding trip. Our naturalist Fabian was amazing; very knowledgable about the animals, plants and geography of the places we visited, and our trip was a great combination of hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking. The boat was very nice, with wonderful meals and a very friendly crew. We even had one of the officers go scuba diving after a guest phone went overboard...and he found it! Being on a ship of 16 made our expeditions go very smoothly. Would highly recommend!
By Carolyn P for Grand Majestic Galapagos Cruise - Galapagos Insiders on May 08, 2024
We had a great time, great group, great crew. Loved 8b tour.. except for red footed boobies, I think we saw everything!
By Natalie S for Natural Paradise Galapagos Cruise - Galapagos Insiders on May 02, 2024