Our extensive wee bus tour of Scotland, with a four-day look at Northern Ireland was amazing! From the wild vastness of the Hebrides Islands to the lush, rolling farmlands of eastern Scotland and the ferry ride across the Irish Sea, our guided visit was one we will never forget. Our itinerary was well pre-planned by Fiona, and every detail custom-made for our needs. Even when the weather made it necessary for last-minute changes, she took care of everything quickly and efficiently, and we never had a concern. Mark was our veteran driver and we always felt safe as we travelled 1300+ miles with him in Scotland. The driver who met the ferry in Belfast took good care of us throughout our time in Northern Ireland. The hotel accommodations were adequate for some of the remote rural areas we visited, the ones in larger villages and towns were very comfortable facilities. The meals were delicious, with large, hot breakfasts every morning, lunches in wonderful little spots that Fiona had scouted beforehand, and dinners at fun restaurants, like The Barking Dog in Belfast. She even dreamed up a “Sticky-Toffee Pudding Tour,” rating each daily offering from 1-10 in her deliciousness test. We heartily recommend this tour to anyone interested in experiencing in-depth these two beautiful countries of the United Kingdom!
By Gayle B for In the Footsteps of the Ancient Gaels - Northern Ireland & Scotland on 05 Oct, 2019