Blue Evolution provides a full and comprehensive service. Galapagos diving is not quite Caribbean or Red Sea Diving - but the dive guides are excellent, the staff and crew take extraordinary care to prep you and guide the dive experience and assist / anticipate your needs. A top notch operation. As a diver recently re-engaging in the sport after a very long hiatus, I feel enormously grateful and appreciative of their professionalism. Extraordinary.
By Jorge B for JORGE BARRIGH X 1 on 19 Dec, 2022
The dives were great and the instructor competent. The boat is quite comfortable. One issue, Wendy, who is a very nice person and very competent charged me and my girlfriend 35 dollars for buying the ferry ticket to Santa Cruz when the regular price is 30 dollars.
By Pierre-Philippe R for PIERRE - PHILIPPE X 2 SAN CRISTOBAL on 09 Nov, 2022
Great boat. Good dive guide. Fantastic dives at Kicker Rock. Lovely swim on the beach with the Sea-lions. You can’t ask for much more. I lost some kit and they went out of their way to return it to me. Highly recommend if you want to see sharks, eagle rays, sea lions etc. my fellow divers were inexperienced and the dive guide really looked after them.
By Catherine M for Cat Mol x 1 on 06 Sep, 2022