Past Trips


We had an awesome day! Thank you to Lorena for being so accommodating with our group to make it happen! The blue footed boobies were beautiful and we have so many great photos! The Frigots, and pelicans were also around And the marine iguanas! Topped off our day with an epic snorkeling trip with the sea lions They were all so playful under the water! You will have a great time on Isla Lobos!
By JoAnn A for isla lobos on 15 Mar, 2023
Everything was great, we were very lucky with the weather at first while snorkling, we saw all kinds of animals including the highly demanded hammerhead sharks and we got the footage afterwards. Then we went to Cerro Brujo, a mindblowing beach full of crabs, sea lions, iguanas and blue-footed boobies and despite the rain we could enjoy its beauty. Our guide Edison was really kind and informative, I learned a lot and enjoyed several snacks and a local meal. Highly recommended!
By Gabriela A for Kicker rock/Leon dormido and cerro brujo on 19 Feb, 2023
Our 360 tour was amazing and so well organized. We saw so many different birds (I am a birder), snorkeled with sea turtles and hammerhead sharks and saw gorgeous beaches and scenery. I highly recommend Sharksky.
By Trina F for Tour 360 on 11 Feb, 2023