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Wish I could give zero stars. Huge bait and switch. No yatch. We did days of scuba and were ready for a relaxing day, smoother ride and warm space to change. I wish i could add pics but theres no place. It was tiny, only spot to change u cannot stand up fully and it has windows to the back of the boat where all the other passengers are. You have to duck crawl to the toilet. Again if it was advertised as this fine. But it wasnt. Boat handles horribly on the water. I specifically asked if it was a yatch before booking, again, wish i could add screen shot of the convo. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BAIT AND SWITCH
By Linda A for Snorkeling Tour to Pinzon + La fe Island on 25 Oct, 2022
good afternoon dear Linda, thank you very much for your comment, the boats that operate all the activities are regulated and comply with all the regulations to be able to operate. similar boats or yachts used for daily tours already be diving, daily tours are very similar. In any case, I hope that the activity has been able to give you the perspective that you expected.
By GalapagosBKtours on 25 Oct, 2022
Really great day, excellent value. Relaxed but safe, very reassuring to have a quick check out dive before the main event. Jimmy is an excellent guide, calm, funny and very knowledgeable about everything we saw, kept an eye on us all the time. Spoke to my guides on another trip and apparently this team have been operating for a long time, and it shows. Would totally recommend.
By Jonathan K for Diving tour to Gordons rocks from santa cruz on 07 Feb, 2022
thes bes town service
By GalapagosBKtours for equipment payment on 06 Dec, 2021