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This was a great tour. BK subs out the actual tour to local operator, I’m not sure if it is always the same one but ours was excellent, very professional good equipment and food, and great guide. You can book much cheaper from San Cristobal in person but I was glad we knew we had one tour booked and then we’re able to book others cheaper on the Island.
Eduardo, I believe his name was, was a complete jerk!! Low season and he overcharges me $300 for this tour that is much, much cheaper if you wait and book it on the island. The last min prices are $190 and they are offering regular prices at $210/$220. I tried to cancel 10 days before and he wouldn’t. They shouldn’t be ripping off tourist like this!! And then when I complained he threatened to not let me go AND keep my $156 deposit. He was rude, unprofessional, communication was awful. He was 25 min late and didn’t inform me or answer my several calls/ WhatsApp messages to see if he was coming. Total rip off, book with someone else. This tour agency suck!!
By Marissa O for VISIT TO BARTOLOME ISLAND & SULIVAN BAY (special price) on Sep 17, 2023
good evening, I'm eduardo and that's why my behavior was serious and direct with you because from the first moment I picked you up at the hotel you started insulting me out of nowhere, you bought a tour well in advance with a regular rate and a guarantee his space, which he paid freely and by his will. Unfortunately, we are in charge of providing good service and guaranteeing your experience, but if I had wanted something economical I would not have bought online. In any case, I hope you have brought back beautiful memories of the Galapagos and that you change that opportunistic attitude of making people work and wanting to pay whatever you want. I have no evidence that you have found that price at that price 10 days before, you were not in the Galapagos, how are you? to know rates??? luck and success
By GalapagosBKtours on Sep 17, 2023
Eduardo provided a professional service. He was easy to communicate with and accessible. Booked accommodation was very good. Tours and excursions gave us a great experience of the Galapagos islands in five days.
By Francois D for Francois Jacobus Du Toit. x 2 on Aug 07, 2023