Excellent trip in every respect. We are entirely pleased with the assistance provided by Tim Popham at Global Travel, and we look forward to future travels with his assistance.
By Thomas R for Hillsdale College Athens Post-Cruise Tour on Jul 26, 2023
We had delayed cruising because we thought it might be too sedentary. We were accustomed to active small-ship excursions and had few expectations for this trip. We only knew we wanted to be with a group of people who shared the same values, and thus we jumped at the opportunity to participate. We're not sure how Hillsdale wound up being almost 600 people out of the 700 maximum passengers, but it was an absolutely delightful experience. The itinerary was spectacular (Turkey, Israel, and Greece), the ship was wonderful (except for spotty internet which we were told is being fixed by StarLink installation soon), the programming excellent (including the three 45-minute presentations by Regent), and of course the constant opportunities to interact with fellow Hillsdale travelers. The only thing we had to worry about was my husband's mobility climbing up and down the Acropolis on the 4th of July, but there was plenty of help along the way, including the kindness of strangers. This was truly a vacation -- every conceivable thing provided, no demands except to get up the next morning for an onshore excursion, and plenty of intellectual content and friendship. We'll do it again in a heartbeat!
By stephanie t for Hillsdale College Athens Post-Cruise Tour on Jul 15, 2023
Our carry on luggage was not put on the same bus as us when we transferred from the ship. This caused a bit of difficulty in finding and retrieving my luggage. Overall, the post tour was good, but the overall trip was exhausting.
By Mary G for Hillsdale College Athens Post-Cruise Tour on Jul 15, 2023