We had a great overall experience - very knowledgeable guides, organized planning, and fellow travelers were friendly & easy to get along with. Hotel accommodations & transport we're good. The itinerary was a bit intense - especially in the beginning due to early wake-up calls.
By Sharon C for World Next Door to Greece on 29 Sep, 2019
I had a very nice time. I met some really interesting people. The food was outstanding. The scenery was beautiful. Overall, I’d say It was an incredible experience.
By Arnella T for World Next Door to Greece on 20 Sep, 2019
This was the best trip of my life. If I could log off my computer and leave right now, I would go again. With the EXACT same itinerary! What made the trip most amazing was our tour guide Ahmed Hashem. He was knowledgeable, engaging and you can tell that he cares about and loves Egypt. We were treated like royalty the entire time and I truly believe it was due to the way Ahmed handled everything. Best tour guide ever! When he left us at the airport in Cairo (after he made sure we were all checked in and through security - we were VIP all the way), we all teared up as we hugged him, thanked him and watched him disappear into the crowd. We didn't want to let him go - He will always be a part of our "family". From beginning to end, the trip was set up to only get better. It was an amazing orchestra that ended with an stunning crescendo. The timing and down time was set strategically, so that we could actually enjoy the trip without being overwhelmed with a bustle of activity. Additional excursions were offered timely and with great coordination. I'm not sure you can top it, but I'm looking forward to our next trip! Thanks!
By Natasha A for NOLA Krewe visits Egypt on 25 Jun, 2019