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Amazing trip. From about 3 months prior to the trip, communication from Greg is top notch. Greg is very professional and trustworthy. Greg reaches out with information regarding finding flights and packing lists. A zoom call is done about a month prior to the trip so that the group can get to meet each other and Greg goes over the daily details of the hikes and what to expect. Accommodations are welcoming and make you feel like you are immersed in the culture of the area and located not far from the trails. Some trails even start from the guest houses. The Albanian Adventure tour guides are top notch and make everyone in the group feel very safe. They monitor everyone and help people get through tough parts on the hikes when necessary. Every part of this trip is well thought out and planned so all you need to do is listen to the plans and show up. The food is great and you will never leave hungry. The scenery is beyond spectacular. Never would I have thought that Albania would now have a piece of my heart. I have made new friends through my trip and we will even be getting together again in a couple of months. I would highly recommend this trip.
By Catherine L for Albanian Alps Trail Running Tour 2024 on May 29, 2024