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I was introduced to classical yoga and Pilates while earning a B.A. in Dance at UC Irvine and while working as a professional dancer in New York and Los Angeles. I immediately loved that both practices were physical in nature, intelligently crafted and also had shared philosophies on how to live happier lives. These systems of movement believe human beings need both physical and mental challenges as well as restorative practices in order to enjoy a life of sustained health and energy. In addition to cultivating equally strong and flexible bodies, they help create more self-awareness, self-respect and self-appreciation. I feel lucky to have begun studying movement at an early age and to have been able to work with many experts in the dance, yoga and Pilates fields. I love helping students learn how to own and operate their bodies. They become more coordinated, less stressed, more self-confident and significantly stronger, which makes me very happy.

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Reform Restore Retreat
Reform Restore Retreat
Calistoga, CA, USA
Oct 07, 2016


This retreat was just what I needed. Learned a lot, ate well met great people all in beautiful surroundings. I would definitely recommend retreating with Greta if you want to take ground in your practice of yoga or pilates. Flexible, fun, informative!