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Gunnar holds an enormous amount of compassion for students as they begin their personal yoga journeys. In his classes, students will journey within to discover true self-acceptance and self-love. From this point of inner awareness, he believes one can dissolve separation, re-connect to the whole, and achieve true happiness. Students will be challenged mentally, physically, and spiritually but will always feel supported in learning at their own pace. Gunnar will patiently guide you through basic yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and yogic philosophy. Highlighted, is the belief that students are their own masters and that our yoga is most apparent off the mat. Gunnar was steered onto the path of yoga when, in 2011, a serious injury almost claimed his life. At the Yoga Centre SLO, Gunnar cultivated his passion for yoga under the infamous Rocky Heron, where he earned his 200-hour yoga certification.

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Living from the Heart Yoga Retreat
Living from the Heart Yoga Retreat
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Jun 06, 2018


This retreat was such a wonderful, relaxing experience. It was so thoughtfully planned, and had something for everyone. The yoga classes were especially great, and the extra activities were very fun. It was the perfect blend of yoga, medication, activities and free time to enjoy the area. I hope they plan another retreat.
Wonderful yoga retreat with two special instructors! Great balance between yoga, excursions, and personal time. I came home relaxed, and glowing with loving intentions from my heart.