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I loved this trip! I greatly appreciated how our guide went above and beyond. The knowledge and expertise of all the guides we interacted with was on point. I loved working with a marine biologist to release baby sea turtles. The groups was small and friendly. I hope to see everyone again in future travels!
By Heather P for Marine Expedition on Guatemala’s Pacific Coast on Feb 20, 2024
Our mother emigrated to the United States from Havana in 1953. She was only 17. I've heard stories all my life of how lovely a city it was before the revolution and the beauty of the island. Visiting Cuba now was always going to be an emotional experience for me and to be honest, I had more than a little trepidation about it. The only thing I did not fear were the mechanics of navigating Havana and seeing the countryside. The custom itinerary that Chelsea came up with for our private family tour was fantastic - from the welcome day activities that gave us a feel for the history of Habana Vieja and salsa dancing lessons... an excursion to the UNESCO heritage Viñales Valley... to our final evening of rum and cigar tasting. We feel like we got more than a taste of Cuban culture. We were also impressed by Heart of Travel's commitment to supporting the people of the communities we visited. We felt warm and fuzzy bringing goods that are difficult to obtain in Cuba (like over the counter medication and basic grooming products). By patronizing local casa particulares for lodging, and paladors for dining and cultural experiences, we felt like our dollars could have a positive ripple effect through the local economies. But the greatest component of our visit was the Cuban people we got to meet, beginning with our fabulous tour leaders, Enmanuel and Patricia. There were days when we had to make changes to the itinerary on the fly, and they rolled with everything we threw at them. By the end of the week, they felt like family. I feel so fortunate we entrusted Heart of Travel to create this trip for our family. Thank you to Chelsea and the team!
By Donna S for Custom Services: Mark & Linda on Feb 18, 2024
Travelling to Cuba with Heart of Travel was an amazing and memorable experience, highlighted by the passion of Paloma in sharing her country with us. It's hard to identify one favorite moment of this trip - between the Cuban people, dancing, laughter, learning about history and current state of this complex country, and FOOD (don't believe the other travel blogs out there - we had the most amazing food!), this is a trip that I will always hold close to my heart. Thank you to Paloma, Crystal, and Chelsea for such an amazing trip - can't wait to go on the next one!
By Angelina P for Exploring the Island's Past, Present & Future on Jan 28, 2024


Heart of Travel is the best for magical and ethical vacations! Chelsea and her incredible team first won me over in Guatemala in 2023 as they planned a beautiful trip that allowed us to see and experience so many different places, people, and things. A helicopter ride, a volcano hike, spa day, meeting the most badass Mayan weaver!!, a once-in a lifetime sunset tour in Tikal - done. I'm still trying to get over this trip lol. They knocked it out of the park again in Cuba for NYE! Chelsea and the spectacular Paloma had us dancing multiple nights away, eating the BEST food, and seeing ALL the sights while also giving us ample opportunity to support the Cuban people and educating us on why that is so important. You will leave their trips with new memories, new friends, and possibly, some new perspectives. Do it!!!
By Amber S on 08 Feb, 2024
Words can’t begin to express the way this trip impacted me! Every single person we met was so amazing, so kind, and truly opened their hearts and lives to us! Cuba, you have left an undeniable mark on my soul… Your people, your colors, your food, your history… Thank you for sharing this world with us! Cannot wait for our next trip! We love you 🥰
By Krista L on 24 Jan, 2024
I just returned from a two week trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos. The trip was an incredible balance of learning, discovery, and recreation. Both the local guides and the Heart of Travel coordinator, Chiva, were excellent!!! The accommodations, food, and itinerary were fantastic. I will definitely travel with Heart of Travel again.
By Lina A on 27 Jun, 2023