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This was truly a wonderful experience! Dario was such a great guide - he made it especially fun with his jokes, humor, and special little touches. I honestly feel terrible because we wanted to tip him (they didn't ask for any but they really deserve it) but we only had giant bills. The route was exciting, and the preparation was very thorough. Their safety checks were also very good. I would recommend to literally anyone and everyone (english/spanish, older/younger). It truly was once in a life experience, not just for the rapids but also for the sense of community they built in the few hours we had in the journey.
By Jessie Y for Rafting Banos on 12 Oct, 2022
The trip with the guide was oke but the local manager named Juan made me pay $ 120 in cash too much at the local store by saying that I had not transferred the complete amount in advance. Later when I came back to the hotel and looked into my payments it seems I had paid the complete $ 630. What a crook and nobody should ever book a tour with this organisation again.
By Joost B for ATV rental 4 hours 4 August 6 machines, Rafting 05 August 6 people on 14 Aug, 2022
Fantastic trip! Our guide was so much fun and we had an incredible experience. Lunch was delicious and we spent the rest of the day with the other people on our rafting trip. Definitely recommend.
By Kelsey T for Rafting Banos on 29 May, 2022