Everyone loves a great story, but what about comeback stories? Where basically -you think- you know what to expect and clearly you have no further expectations? When things can be the same, or can completely go wrong and destroy everything nice you had in mind from the first time? I am more than happy to state that this was definitely not the case!! Definitely not when it comes to Bella and Immersia Freediving. First trip in Moorea, August 2023. Bella once more joined her powers with the best local business and her enthusiasm, her friendliness, her experience, her attention, her helpfulness, her constant commitment to safety, was joined and maximized with the assistance of Ewan and all the local people she worked with. Bella and Ewan worked tirelessly and never on the clock to make sure everything was perfect for their guests. This couple sure knows how to make you feel like family. Too much fun, too many whales; mama whales, baby whales, singer whales, cutest dissonant juvenile whales, happy smiles, new friends, beautiful memories and inside jokes .. One star! Thank you Bella, thank you Ewan and thank you Immersia Freediving for another awesome experience. See you soon!
By Eirini Z for French Polynesia Freediving Adventure Retreat on Sep 26, 2023
I went on a freediving with seals weekend in Narooma. Hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had. The team at Immersia are really lovely and welcoming. I will definitely go on more trips in the future! 🦭
By Viktoria V for Freedive with Seals in Narooma on Aug 16, 2023
Loved every minute of it. Had a wonderful time whale diving, chasing turtles, doing yoga and improving breath ability. Well organised and no bad eggs in the group. Would recommend to anyone to try at least once!
By Andrew B for Winter Whaleness Weekend - Byron Bay, Australia on Aug 15, 2023