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The trip was organized with some different parts and with different people/guides. You never know what to expect, but this time we were amazed by the well planned organization and communication! It all came together with a near-perfect timing and we were in the capable hands of the next person. Even with different transportation along the way, car, bus & boat. Everyone knew exactly where we needed to go. We would like to thank Dronica for organizing and Stella, Kenny and Bamo for their time and knowledge! We learned so much about the inland, people and wildlife of Surinam!
By Koen S for Brownsberg, Stone island & Jaw Jaw A Tela on Mar 21, 2024
I decided to join this tour while I was travelling in Suriname. I applied for this tour at the last minute so I was not sure if I could participate in this, but Dronica was very helpful and I managed to go to Commewijne. I saw many lovely dolphins in the river although it was difficult to take photos as they were agile and the river was large. The guide was a very knowlegeable person and taught us a lot of things about plantation and Suriname. He prepared some snack and drink we could eat on the boat but we seldom had them as we were much more amused by dolphins and scenery.
By HITOMI U for Commewijne Dolphin & Plantation boattrip on Mar 03, 2024
I was looking for a tour to visit a village or see wild nature for a few days. This tour was much more than I had expected, met local people, enjoyed local food, night tour to see caimans and spiders, jungle walk, traditional dance by women. It was also fun to ascend a big river to Jaw Jaw by boat . I saw women cooking cassava bread, which I only read in my textbook when I was a child. Impressive Suriname Travel was very surpportive. I strongly recommend you join this tour if you visit Suriname.
By HITOMI U for Jaw Jaw A Tela on Mar 03, 2024