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Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt
Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
23 Mar, 2023


Love beauty and rich history of Greece including Santorini, Mykonos and Athens. Our host, Charlene arranged side trips that were a perfect mix of historical sites and amazing scenery including views of the Aegean Sea. Oh and did I mention the fabulous shopping? All of our hotels and resorts were walkable to all that Greece has to offer! We traveled with a wonderful group of people and never had to wait in long lines. Charlene put together a memorable trip with new and old friends. Looking forward to our next adventure!
By Nancy B for Greek Island Hopper on 28 May, 2022
What a wonderful experience. Our travels to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini was without a doubt my favorite trip. Our travel agent was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to make our trip memorable. From the tour of Acropolis in Athens, nightlife in Mykonos , and architecture of Santorini homes and churches you will not be disappointed. I definitely recommend if you want to experience delicious food , relaxation , shopping and new adventures
By Vatasha T for Greek Island Hopper on 28 May, 2022
In case You Travel put on a 5 star trip. I would give 5 more stars if that was an option. The trip had it all Great food Great people great Fun!!! waiting for the next one
By In Case You Travel for Greek Island Hopper on 27 May, 2022