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The trip was educational and fun, and we got to see many monasteries and sites crafted and built beyond our imagination. The people in Lebanon were very friendly and welcoming especially our tour guide Eli who was so genuine and helpful and a Colonel in the Airforce and his family who welcomed us into their house for dessert and helped us have the golf cart rides into town. We were also blessed to have Dr. Rober Moynihan and Deborah Tomilinson travel with us and generously share their knowledge of Lebanon with us. A big thank you to Fr. John for saying mass and my fellow pilgrims who got along so well with each other. It was a great pilgrimage, and I would do it again, but I would love a better price! Bhimla
By Bhimla A for Lebanon: Ancient Monasteries and Modern Saints 2023 on Oct 10, 2023
One of a kind great trip. delicious food, wonderful people. Accommodation... one place, a bit of difficult to use bathroom. but overall good. Thanks to all guides made us happy!
By Tomiko H for Lebanon: Ancient Monasteries and Modern Saints 2023 on Sep 29, 2023
Tomiko, it was a joy to be with you on pilgrimage! We have already changed our hotel for next year. We apologize for this difficulty.
I had a wonderful and spiritual pilgrimage to Garabandal, Loyola and Lourdes. Many special surprise blessings everyday! The accommodations and meals were more than I expected. I would definitely travel with Inside Vatican Pilgrimages again.
By Kathleen B for Inside The Vatican Pilgrimages: Garabandal and Lourdes on Sep 12, 2023


This was a wonderful pilgrimage! I am impressed by the vastness of the land, farms , rivers and lakes. The Catholic-European influence in the Heartland of Mary is undeniable. I enjoyed the Catholic spirit that was present among the pilgrims and at our accommodations. Thanks for all the work that went into planning this beautiful event. Mechtild Boles, Pilgrim "Wisconsin, the Heartland of Mary"
By Mechtild B on 13 Sep, 2022