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I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed. Had the opportunity to repeat this year. This year it was a smaller group and made it easier to get to know each other. The leaves and weather seemed to be a bit better this time around too! (Not that that can be controlled at this point!) Enjoyed seeing the Basilica at Christenden (sp.=?) College and how much progress had been made on the construction since last year. Completion/Dedication date set for this coming spring, so will most certainly make a special trip next summer to see the masterpiece! Also, my traveling partner and I had suggested there be more time for prayer and seemed to have been granted this year. Several stops allowed Adoration and other than the final day, celebrating daily Mass was also special. The Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was fabulous as well with its beautiful Basilica and the tour of the grounds where it all began. Seeing the original school house and the austerity of those times, made one not only appreciate all the conveniences of today, but have a true understanding of commitment and the desire to overcome the hardships for the betterment of all. Most inspirational! And Gettysburg National Cemetery is in a class all by itself. Standing on it sacred, holy soil is powerful. It made my heart and soul swell with pride with the dedication and the ultimate sacrifice that so many paid to secure freedom. In these times of discontent, I needed a large dose of patriotism! I have been there 3 times now, and still feel its compelling call for remembrance and veneration. I'll be back! The Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes was also a spiritual treat. The chapel where we had Mass with the "glass walls" opening to the heavenly beauty of an autumn day with all the glorious foliage, made Mass almost seem as if we were already in paradise. Loved the bronze Stations of the Cross; would like to have had time to pray them. The Adoration Chapel is intimate and inviting. The gift shop is one of the best stocked I have seen in a long time. Loved the special gesture of supplying holy water bottles to take some of the spring water home. Visiting of convent and praying with the sisters was very calming and a welcome change to the frenzy of the outside world. Would be nice just to spend a few days with them and unwind, but don't think they would approve of such an invasion. Didn't care much for the wine tasting trip. But then that is just me as I drink wine, or any other spirits, very little. Missed our visit with the hermit priest that we had last year, but understand he was called from this earthly life. Being with such holy people, even for a short time, gives one hope and encouragement in one's own journey to holiness. All in all, everything about the pilgrimage was wonderful! Of course, Dr. Moynihan & Deborah do give such thought and extra attention to all the details, making it all seem effortless. And the lectures and discussions lead by Dr. Moynihan are always relevant to the times with profound insight, as an insider, to the direction of the Church. So enjoyed our after dinner discussions, as gives one a feel on how the rest of the country - and world - understands how our faith and how our civilization is evolving. The accommodations were just right and the meals excellent. As a vegetarian, needing a special menu, everything was delicious and the staff most eager to please. A big thank you to the office staff, Katie in particular, and Dr. Moynihan and Deborah for giving me a week of spiritual reflection, relaxation and revival. The pilgrimage most definitely drew me closer to what hopefully it will be like when I arrive at my final destination!
By Sharon L for USA: Shenandoah Valley Experience 2022 on 10 Nov, 2022
It was a wonderful week spent in the Shanandoah Valley. The smaller group was great; everyone was so nice. I enjoyed the conversations in the Piano Room every evening - thought provoking and interesting. The sightseeing events were special. I especially liked Elizabeth Ann Seton because of all the history of this Saint. It was a great experience I won't soon forget. Thank You!
By Kathy B for USA: Shenandoah Valley Experience 2022 on 30 Oct, 2022
Yes, we had a great time. It was good to see the high mountains and deep valleys; beautiful views. The food may have been good, but in the middle east, Africa, and third world countries, one must be very careful lest you develop food poisoning. I was warned years ago to eat only cooked food and fruits that you can peel. Fresh vegetables are a no, no! since they especially harbor germs. Most of the servings had fresh vegetables, and most everyone got sick. It was interesting to see how the poor and upper classes lived. In the bombed out and adjacent areas the people had the bare minimum of shelter; five people in a small apartment with four couches to sleep on and the fifth had to sleep on the floor (no beds). I was happy to learn that a non-government organization (NGO) spent a month and a half repairing apartments, installing windows, etc. (Governments help themselves rather help the poor.) Professionals and those with a business state that "no one pays taxes in Lebanon". However a person working for a corporation states that 7% of her pay is taken out for taxes and the corporation helps fill out the yearly tax form. It was sad to hear from a Frenchman who has lived in Lebanon for 35 years that he has little hope for Lebanon since the priority is "power and money" and not the prayerful attitude of the holy men of the past. It brought to mind my frustration in trying to contribute to the poor and care of the children. I am told that those that receive the contribution share the money with relatives and friends and little ends up for those to whom it was intended. I have been told of this from many areas and from what I observed it is unfortunately true. I was happy to see the shrines, the old caves that monks lived in ages ago, and the modernization of the caves. I imagined no ventilation for the monks and the development of natural ventilation as time went on. The ventilation of the Khalil Gibran museum had modern up to date forced ventilation. The modern churches were as I expected. The Maronite Liturgy followed the Latin Liturgy very closely. Years ago the Latin Church sent teachers and finances to aid the poor people in the middle east and strongly influenced them. The Latins even set up Latin Bishops and disposed of the native Bishops (sadly). The caves with stalagmites and stalactites, the columns and figures formed, the continuing dripping of mineral water were a delight to see. The boat trip on the cool water was enjoyable. The whole trip was loaded with activity, very well planned, and very worth while. I am happy to have made the trip and I thank you for all your efforts. It is reassuring to know that there is someone who really cares to bring help to those who really are in need. I enjoyed speaking with various members of the group. Robert Moynihan is a hero. Thank all of you for your efforts. Sincerely, Edmond B Raheb
By Edmond R for Friends of Lebanon: Pilgrimage to Lebanon on 28 Sep, 2022


This was a wonderful pilgrimage! I am impressed by the vastness of the land, farms , rivers and lakes. The Catholic-European influence in the Heartland of Mary is undeniable. I enjoyed the Catholic spirit that was present among the pilgrims and at our accommodations. Thanks for all the work that went into planning this beautiful event. Mechtild Boles, Pilgrim "Wisconsin, the Heartland of Mary"
By Mechtild B on 13 Sep, 2022