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Anna’s first trip was amazing from start to finish. Accomodation, the hikes, the team and the company of 22 amazing women. If you are not sure you could do it, give it a go, you might surprise yourself. Can’t wait for my next adventure x
By Alison Jane O for Peak District Hiking Weekend on Nov 22, 2023
I had a great trip. Nice to meet so many lovely women. The weather on Saturday was sunny and nice. I would go again!
By Sonja J for Peak District Hiking Weekend on Nov 22, 2023
So the leader Anna was very welcoming, all accommodation clean , and as you would expect at a hostel. The food was satisfactory but not particularly inspiring, but again it would be what was expected in the premises. The timetable of the two walking days did not really take into account the daylight hours, and the distance that a lot of the group had driven. I would have preferred to set off earlier, especially as the weather was so glorious. The abilities of the group could have led to a two group day. There were some who really struggled, and those who were there to walk in, were left feeling a bit in limbo at the top of the hills. The sad situation of Anna losing a relative did not deter her, and she kept her chin up, whilst obviously concerned for her family st home. The only other query I thought of was whether there should be a deeper questionnaire re fitness/ activity.. this may support the grouping etc if that was considered viable. Anevening speaker would have been interesting, maybe local rescue charity members, who like to chat and install a few safety tips onto the listeners..? The talk on altitude walking ended up with too many what if questions around medicine rather than sharing the guides actual experiences..
By Jo F for Peak District Hiking Weekend on Nov 21, 2023