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Jackie Nourse is the founder and host of The Budget-Minded Traveler, an award-winning blog, podcast, and community designed to encourage and equip US-Americans to travel overseas. She also hosts adventure trips and retreats for her audience, leads mentorship programs for women, and blogs about adventure travel and lifestyle at Traveling Jackie. She is a four-time study abroad alum, linguist (five languages and counting), and serial expat. Her work has been featured by Self, Business Insider, Forbes, and more. Find her at @travelingjackie and

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Hike the Jordan Trail
Hike the Jordan Trail
Petra, Ma'an Governorate, Jordan
May. 11, 2018


This trip was everything I expected, and also completely unexpected. I have been wanting to do a trip to Patagonia for a while, and to go with Traveling Jackie was a real treat, since she is so obsessed with the area. She also paired up with one of the best tour guides I've ever met, Ro. He really made everyone feel comfortable and taken care of if anything went wrong. This trip pushed me, but in such great ways. It is definitely a physical struggle, and sometimes a mental one as well. We had outstanding weather in Chile on the W, and true Patagonian insane weather in Argentina. Each trail was a treat, but the people are what really made this trip. Everyone with a common goal, coming together from different walks of life, enjoying ourselves, together. And since I've eaten (drank?) the calafate berry, I guess I'll just have to go back!
This is not your average group trip! Jackie thought of everything and put together a bucket list itinerary where everyday was more incredible than the last. She also found THE BEST local guides that educated us, took care of us, and genuinely made us feel welcome. The hikes were challenging and some of the days were long but that just added to the sense of accomplishment at the end of the trip. Another great thing on Jackie's trips is the people that sign up. By the end of the 10 days, our group was a family that shared in the joy, awe, and struggle that comes with a physically demanding hiking trip. You won't find a better experience any where. My advice? JUMP with Jackie!
Wow. That could be all there is to say about this trip. What an epic experience. And traveling with Jackie was just so seamless. I would do this trip again and again with Traveling Jackie and Ayman from Experience Jordan leading the charge. xoxo
By Carley Cross for Hike the Jordan Trail on Jun. 25, 2018


Awesome experience and people, would highly recommend!!!
By Shawn D on Jun. 25, 2018
Jackie is an excellent retreat leader. I went with her on her women's adventure retreat in Ecuador, which she packed full of amazing activities in a gorgeous setting. The experiences she planned were unique, once-in-a-lifetime-level ones! With her trips, Jackie has thought about all the details so you don't have to. The Ecuador retreat was extremely well organized and well-run. Thanks, Jackie, for making my experience in Ecuador so magical!
By Jackie F. on Feb. 19, 2018
I traveled with Jackie to Ecuador this year and it was an amazing trip. It was so nice to have all the details managed by one of the best travel professionals in the business, and all I had to do was say yes and buy my ticket. Jackie’s style was organized but not rigid, laid back but not complacent; her leadership approach was perfect for me. The people on the trip with me were similarly magnificent. The choices of venues, guides, and activities were excellent and I felt safe throughout the trip. This trip was so well though out and yet so personal. I felt like I was traveling with good friends. I would recommend this to anyone, and can’t wait to go on another trip with her.
By Miranda Chitwood on Feb. 18, 2018
Jackie is such a great trip leader. I went on a ladies retreat to Ecuador with her this month and everything was amazing. There were so many activities planned for us! I am used to planning my own trips, but it was lovely to just let go and trust that Jackie had everything handled. And she really did! Not only is she a great leader, but she is an all-around wonderful human. I just want to hang out with her! So I'm gonna join her on her next adventure to Jordan! Cannot wait!!
By Carley Cross on Feb. 15, 2018
I traveled with Jackie last year to the Lake District of Patagonia (Argentina and Chile). I had been looking for my first trip to Patagonia for a while. Found Jackie's podcast and instantly thought "this is what I've been looking for!" My trip with Jackie surpassed all my expectations, not only was it perfectly planned but Jackie is just great to be around. Now it's not only a question of will I travel with Jackie again, but instead when?! As we only half joked on the trip "I would follow Jackie anywhere". I cannot recommend her enough.
By Virxinia VS on Feb. 08, 2018
I traveled with Jackie to the Lake District of Patagonia. It was such an amazing trip and I can thank Jackie for organizing it! She was so helpful with any questions. Jackie is an inspiration to any female solo traveler. The trip was a trip of a lifetime and I 100% plan to travel with Jackie again. I highly recommend traveling with her for your next trip! You won't regret it :)
By Kristin Butzke on Jan. 27, 2018
I have had the opportunity to travel with Jackie twice on her tours of Patagonia. The first trip to southern Patagonia inspired me to jump start my plans to travel long term and I left just 3 months later. I was so inspired I signed up for Northern Patagonia quickly and was once again impressed. Jackie has a love for nature and travel that shines through and is contagious, strongly contributing to the daily atmosphere as well as the group interaction. Both trips went beyond expectations, full of unexpected extras that add to the experience. It’s the small details not in the itinerary that make her trips truly worthwhile. Each day is carefully planned and full of activities and adventure. This allows you, as the traveler, to stay present in the moment and experience a new place without the stress and worry of planning and decisions. You also have an opportunity to meet likeminded individuals and have some amazingly supportive discussions as you learn about the others but more often learn about yourself. I just have to say that thank you Jackie for all the experiences, inspiration, and most importantly your support!
By Brittany Abroad on Jan. 26, 2018
I went to Patagonia with Jackie last fall, and it was one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had. Jackie is a seasoned traveler and highly knowledgeable individual. Her positivity is contagious! She knows how to make travel smooth, and is supportive throughout the booking process. I am going with her to Ecuador next month, and look forward to her future trips!
By Jenn Edgar on Jan. 25, 2018
I traveled with Jackie on her second Patagonia trip, and I would absolutely join her again. Her passion for travel and the areas she chooses to guide to makes it exciting and fun. Her concern that every member of the group is enjoying makes it special. And every outside organization (local guides, planned restaurants, our wonderful photographer) was outstanding as well. Jackie is a wonderful guide and a great person to travel with!
By Alana Johnson on Jan. 24, 2018