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Janet Keogh

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My yoga journey started 7 years ago. After a series of stressful sales jobs, I was searching for an outlet that would challenge my body and quiet my mind. Hours of driving, phone calls, and paperwork were leaving me stressed out and frazzled. Yoga became that outlet, and ultimately a way of life. I love how yoga challenges my body, and the calming effect(s) yoga has on my mind allows me to approach life differently. My quest to deepen my understanding of the mind/body connection yoga offers brought me to Nicaragua where I studied with Master Trainer Meghan Currie. My teaching style is upbeat and approachable, making all feel welcome. Classes will incorporate Hatha and Vinyasya styles of yoga. I teach yoga to share the knowledge I have gained about the trans-formative powers of yoga. At its most basic level, yoga is about noticing the mind/body connection, and using it to better understand yourself and realize you have everything within you that you need to navigate life. To me, Yoga


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