I had a wonderful trip, despite the food at the hotel not being good and the trip being more expensive than was originally explained during the Zoom meetings. Nonetheless, our guide, Prince, was knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely helpful. The food on the cruise ship down the Nile River was delicious, and their staff was awesome. Amgad did an excellent job as well. He worked tirelessly to ensure that we had what we needed and got where we needed to go. Kudos to those two individuals; they did an incredible job!
By Melrose S for Urban Intellectuals-The Egypt Experience (Cairo, Luxor) Oct 21-29 2023 on Nov 22, 2023
I enjoyed the trip to Ghana. I am looking to go back in 2024 and carry my grand. However, I did not receive my tshirt the 2xl and the book to write my notes and memory. Will u please check and deliver those things to me.
By Darlene L for Urban Intellectuals - The Gateway Experience Ghana - Nov 4 - 12, 2023 on Nov 21, 2023
Words don't suffice. I am so grateful to have been able to take part in this experience. I have been to parts of the continent before, to include West Africa, but the focus of this group in sharing crucial information, history and perspective for the participants to not only see but also share, was the true differentiator. Excellent guides, great food, very comfortable accommodations, but the true value was in being with a group of people also eager and hungry for truth and guides that never tired of providing us with it. Thank you!
By James L for The Gateway Experience Ghana - Nov 3 - 10, 2023 on Nov 20, 2023


Avoid this company. Their staff is not very knowledgeable nor professional and I did not feel comfortable traveling with this company. They provide no refunds and you cannot customize your trip (you are forced to to do something every day). I lost money with this company and would never refer them.
By Valeri J on 07 Nov, 2023
I had the absolute privilege of joining the Gateway Experience Ghana, July 2022. There's only one word to describe it - TRANSFORMATIVE. Jay has done the work and created a truly phenomenal travel experience. Because of his efforts, I connected with the ancestors, with Ghanaians, with Africans and with myself. I fell in love with Ghana and am now planning to move there. Jay and his local team - the incomparable Morris and the loyal Ernest - took care of every detail and provided a trip that was informative, enjoyable and safe. I don't think I could have that experience with any other tour operator. From now on, I will only travel with Jay and Maximum Impact when I visit any place in Africa. In fact, my group and I are planning to travel together again to Tanzania next year. It's just that deep. If you love Black people and Blackness, then love yourself by booking a trip with Maximum Impact!
By Audra S on 30 Aug, 2022
Customer service exceptional! What a pleasure to work with Maximum Impact Travel for this trip. They are thorough and very attentive as there are several steps to traveling to Ghana; the entire Maximum Impact team made the booking process seamless with EASY-to-follow instructions. All questions I had were answered promptly and professionally. And, oh my goodness, once you get to Ghana, you will be warmly received by the Maximum Impact team and treated like a V.I.P. Accommodations are clean and super-comfortable and offer all amenities. Don’t hesitate booking the trip if you’re traveling solo as I was. It’s a trip of a lifetime where you will meet wonderful traveling companions, tour the country with knowledgeable guides and wish that the trip was longer. I LOVED IT! A powerful and stirring cultural tour that also includes fun-loving activities. Outstanding job by Maximum Impact. I’m already planning my next tour with you.
By Linda P on 11 Nov, 2021