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In 2014 Jenni left her career in corporate technology to follow her purpose. She wanted to inspire others to seek, to feel good, and to be happy. Teaching has brought Jenni a whole new level of appreciation for the practice. It's not always easy work, but I am doing something that I love to bring more happiness and inspiration into this world. I enjoy every moment of it. Her yoga journey began in college when she attended her first yoga class at a local studio. She thought it would be a nice complement to her active lifestyle. "It was purely physical." It wasn't until several years later that yoga struck Jenni on a deeper level. She found herself misplaced in the motions of corporate America. "I have always been the go-getter type - hungry for what life has to offer. On the outside, it probably appeared that I had it all, but on the inside, I was completely disconnected - discontent - & unhappy. I tried to place the blame in every place possible - until one day I realized the roots of these feelings were buried deep." And so the real journey began. Her mat became a safe space to be with herself. To slow down and listen. To let go of the life she thought she was supposed to be living. To unfold the true desires of her heart. Jenni is currently studying to become an ayurvedic yoga specialist. Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga, also known as the science of life. It is an ancient healing system used to bring balance, happiness, and vitality to one's life using lifestyle, diet, and yoga/meditiation. Jenni looks forward to expanding her knowledge and ability to impact and inspire more people to live fully. I am a forever student.



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Yoga Retreat - Magical Santorini
Yoga Retreat - Magical Santorini
Santorini, Thira, Greece
Sep 17, 2016