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Practicing with Seane at her retreat was such a gift and felt so nourishing for my body, mind, heart and soul. This was my second retreat in Topanga and it was simply the best, as always. I’ve practiced for many years and with many teachers but there’s something really special that happens with Seane. She is so nurturing, loving, caring and real which creates an experience that feels so safe and grounding. It is the ultimate release and reset…I feel renewed! Thank you Seane and Jess!
By Caitlin W for The Yoga of Awakening Retreat on Sep 12, 2023
Seanne's Chakra Immersion Retreat is a wonderful yoga retreat. As a teacher, Seanne is unparalleled; she tells stories and lectures with wit and wry humor, making the lessons seem both mystical and approachable at the same time. In leading class, her queueing is like a mother's embrace: protective, supportive, and always full of care. Jessica, Seanne's right-hand-woman, is on hand for any and all things, large and small, and makes the retreat a true escape from the mundanities of the world. The space is wonderful, with great amenities; in the heat, I especially recommend the sauna and cold plunge (counter-intuitive, but it works). Our group was wonderful, supportive and open; they taught me a lot. I was not surprised to learn that many of our group choose to come back time and time again. Finally, the food is delicious, always fresh, tasty, filling and nourishing. All in all, it's a week of of true cleansing; both spiritual and physical; I cannot recommend it highly enough.
By Erik N for Chakra Immersion Retreat on Aug 15, 2023
By Lynn N for Chakra Immersion Retreat on Aug 09, 2023


By Justin R on 08 Nov, 2019