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Integral Travel is a medium for individual and community transformation. Our belief is that the health and happiness of an individual is a reflection of the quality of their relationship to themselves, their community and their natural environment. When these dynamic aspects become consciously engaged, integrated and balanced, the individual thrives. Our Passion is creating unique cross-cultural opportunities for travelers to test this hypothesis. Each Integral Travel itinerary blends educational, creative, and service-oriented elements that explore the relationship between Culture, Nature, Spirit, and Play in a manner that naturally facilitates and encourages inquiry, observation, reflection and dialogue. Our Hope is that through participating in this collaborative experience, individuals will gain valuable insights and skills, and develop a supportive network that will empower them to strengthen their relationship to self, community and natural environment.


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Adventures in Healing
Adventures in Healing
Chiang Mai Thailand
Jan 24, 2018
Into the Wild
Into the Wild
Surat Thani Thailand
Feb 12, 2018