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Medellin, Colombia 🇨🇴
Medellin, Colombia 🇨🇴
Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
26 Jan, 2024
Morocco 🇲🇦
Morocco 🇲🇦
Marrakech, Morocco
20 May, 2024

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Amazing desert experiences, great overview of the entire city, and amazing people to travel with. But overall the organization of the trip was not great. Ran late for many events and received information very last minute.
By CeDrice H for Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪 (A JetBlack Exclusive Trip) on Nov 29, 2023
If I could rate this 100/10 I would! The communication from start to finish was impeccable, the activities and experience chosen every day was fantastic. The people I had the pleasure of spending time with was priceless and the trip was planned to perfection right down to the hotel selection, my room overlooked a beautiful view of the city. We even had a mall attached to our hotel which had many amenities. Lastly the JetBlack staff were absolutely amazing and very knowledgeable. Can’t wait to book with them again!
By Tahirah C for Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪 (A JetBlack Exclusive Trip) on Nov 27, 2023
Just returned from my first Jetblack trip. I went to Dubai. Dubai is such a beautiful place with many sites to see and plenty of things to do. Starting with the pros Pros: Communication prior to the trip was decent. The choice for excursions was awesome. Our tour guide during the dubai city tour was amazing.We went to the museum of the future, desert day with dinner, burj khalifa, mosque (I opted out) and eneded the tour with a yacht party. Which this was the best meal the entire trip that was included. We stayed at the Aloft Dubai Creek. It was definitely a great choice. The hotel was beautiful. The rooms were nice with beautiful views of the city from every floor. The pool area was very relaxing and the spa on the premises was 10 out of 10. Cons: Unfortunately this trip was very disorganized. We received last-minute changes 3 days prior to the trip. Things such as what to wear to the mosque and white party could have been shared months in advance. Eapecially since when the information was shared it was merely a copy of a photo from a prior trip and one from the website . They added a beach club day 3 days prior. This time of year if you don't already have swimwear good luck. We were told whatever you don't have you can buy in dubai. Dubai wants to experience winter so unfortunately they only sale winter clothes at the time as well. The beach club would have been a great edition if we're anywhere else but where we were. SAN is very upscale and for those that really just want to relax. Not for partying. We were told food was included which is great when you've been touring for hrs. Well it was canapés. We were also told via what's app that we were to find our own transportation back to the hotel. This is after being dropped off at the beach club. This should have been something that was communicated prior because I'm sure the transfer for our tour was round-trip. If given the option we could have gone back to the hotel. All of the excursions were nice choices, however we were rushed through all of them. You couldn't really enjoy anything as much as you would like. Their team constantly wanted you to do group pictures and participate in their content but rushed you when you wanted to take photos for yourself. The price of the trip you want to be able to take itvall in for yourself. Not be subject to feeling like a prop. Overall it felt like some things were thrown together last minute. Dissemination of information was last minute so you couldn't really plan your free time. And as a first time traveler with the group, I felt like the team interacted more with return travelers and their people than any one new which was a turnoff. Overall I did connect with a few ladies that I'm sure will be life long friends. We ventured off on our own for dinner and some excursions during our extra day and we enjoyed every moment. C resturaunt, 53 dinner show. Forever rose cafe, miracle garden and global village should definitely be editions
By Jenique M for Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪 (A JetBlack Exclusive Trip) on Nov 21, 2023


I revently traveled to Egypt/Jordan with a phenomenal group of like minded individuals! Jet Black is very well organized and created a seamless and very memorable experience. Jet Black's leadership and logistics team is second to none. The team was always very communicative and placed high value on customer satisfaction. Cutural Immersion and education was key. The partners were very knowledgeable of the Egyptian and Jordanian history and way of life and displayed perfect professionalism. I wouldn't hesitate to book again, actually I am deciding on my next trip. Don't mull over it, just pay the deposit and plan to meet dope people and have the time of your life!
By Erica R on 19 Apr, 2023
This is my 2nd time booking with Jet Black Travel and it was just as phenomenal as the first experience. I always wanted to go to Egypt and then Jordan was just a bonus for me 🇪🇬🇯🇴. I am so happy to explore the continent of Africa with a company that has passion and wants to not only make sure the attendees have a great fun experience but are also educated on the cities and countries they are visiting. I am definitely booking with Jet Black Travel again. The professional and attention to detail are unmatched. 10 out of 10 stars! They are the best!
By Nicole C on 18 Apr, 2023
Thank you to Alex and Liz for being gracious hosts!
By Amber B on 04 Jan, 2022