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The Ayllu Medicina team lives up to their name - they are a heartfelt family and immediately make you feel like a lifetime member from day one. The connection, support, guidance, space holding, and love the Ayllu Medicina team radiates helps to make you feel safe, held, and supported along your deep, magical, transformative journey. What a wild chapter in the adventure to the heart!
By Kora F for Women's Power Plant Medicine Retreat- April 16th - 23rd on 16 May, 2022
This retreat with Ayllu Medicina at Bromelia Lodge was life changing for me. The communication from the booking of the retreat to arrival was consistent and supportive. I flew into South America late and they were sure to have a taxi set up for me right when I arrived which helped so much after traveling for days. The room was so cozy and clean and kept clean all throughout. The food was made with love and so delicious! Plant based meals and an abundance of Fresh fruit. Bromelia Lodge is so beautiful, it feels like your tucked away in the jungle next to a creek. Many quiet places all throughout to sit in silence and process or be with nature. The ceremonies were powerful. It was my first plant medicine retreat and I felt so safe and supported all throughout. There was plenty of help available and everybody was so kind. Hwaneetah and Aime hold such grounded authentic space. So humble and kind. I wouldn’t have wanted to have my first plant medicine retreat with anyone else. This being a Womens focused retreat Hwaneetah shared her wisdom on the womb. This information has changed my life and my relationship with my womb. So much healing to come and I am forever grateful. I will be back for a retreat next year! If your thinking of booking with Allyu Medicina you won’t regret it!
By Ali E for Women's Power Plant Medicine Retreat- April 16th - 23rd on 08 May, 2022
This was the BEST trip of my life. Truly a medicinal and transformational journey. Everyone was so warm, thoughtful and loving. The accomodations at Bromelia were amazing. All the leaders, shaman and helpers were so incredibly supportive and had very helpful tips to make your journey the best it could be. The food was amazing and prepared so thoughtfully and with so much love. The environment was so safe and respectful and truly nurturing. I highly recommend any retreat by the ayllumedicina family. It certainly won't be my last. Thank you!!
By Stephanie I for Transformational Plant Medicine Retreat- March 19th-26th on 06 Apr, 2022


Eme and Juanita are an amazing team of shamans! I’ve had ceremonies before but never like the one I had thanks to them. They are incredibly in sink with powerful male and female energies. They are very knowledgeable and great musicians as well. They make you feel welcome from beginning to end and help you have a better understanding of your experience. Their words are always meaningful and wise. I look forward to meeting them again.
By Marcos A on 04 Dec, 2020