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Hello! I just wanted to say thank you to my Ayllu Medicina family! This is my second year attending the plant medicine retreat. It was such a beautiful journey. I felt like the plant medicine was able to go a little bit deeper this year. I felt like there was so much healing and love around granmpa fire. and like this awareness of the divine universal life force that is already inside of us is really heightened and we connect even stronger to our true whole worthy authentic selves that we came on this planet to be. I will come here again and again for sure. The Ayllu family provides such a safe and beautiful container to hold space and give as much love as possible. Thank you fam! 🤍🤍
By Stephanie I for Medicine of the Heart Retreat on Dec 05, 2023
What a life changing experience! So much love and care all around! Ayllu Medicina is the place to go for a total reset, the magic in each ceremony can only be attributed to everyone's devotion to plant medecine. They are so well prepared to make anyone feel safe in an enjoyable environment. The food is amazing and nutritious, the music will transport anyone on a voyage which will be impossible to forget! The yoga and meditation practices are fun, yet very effective. I have no words to express my gratitude towards Ayllu Medicina and highly recommend to anyone who needs a reset or just looking for clarity. Gracias milles! 🫶🏼
By Amelie G for Meditation & Plant Medicine Retreat on Dec 04, 2023
This experience is hard to articulate. The team consists of absolute professionals who are utterly devoted to the cause. If you're considering plant medicine there's no better place than Ayllu Medicina.
By Jonas N for Meditation & Plant Medicine Retreat on Nov 29, 2023


Ayllu Medicina is an incredible place with an incomparable family that makes these life-changing retreats possible. If you have considered plant medicines and are trying to discover the place to do so, I cannot recommend their retreats highly enough. I've had the privilege to know Hwaneetah and Aimé since 2019 undergoing my first retreat with them and hoped I would have the opportunity to see them in future. The amazing group that has joined their efforts since then (Jillian, Mika, Vanessa, Emma, and the lovely family that helps care for the retreat space and meals) have helped create magical, comprehensive, and powerful retreat weeks that cannot be fully described in words but will certainly be felt if you have the good fortune to attend one. Wonderful facilities, food, yoga, sharing circles, and meditations are just the tip of the iceberg of the beautiful week you will experience. The ceremonies will speak for themselves in their power and beauty. I recommend Ayllu to all family and friends who ask about my experiences. Aho!
By Jaimie H on 26 Jul, 2023
The team, the community, the LOVE that exists at the core of Ayllu Medicina - is second to absolutely none. The week with Aime, Hwaneetah, Mika, Jillian, Emma, Drew & more was one of the most profound, life-changing, and LIFE GIVING weeks of my life. In fact, it was the most profound week of my life. You have never felt so held, so cared for, & so welcomed like you have with this familia. The attention to detail, the programming, and the reverence for nature - our nature - will leave an impact on you for the rest of your life. Do yourself a favor and give yourself permission to be re-birthed. To be transformed from the inside out.
By Kyle D on 24 Apr, 2023
Eme and Juanita are an amazing team of shamans! I’ve had ceremonies before but never like the one I had thanks to them. They are incredibly in sink with powerful male and female energies. They are very knowledgeable and great musicians as well. They make you feel welcome from beginning to end and help you have a better understanding of your experience. Their words are always meaningful and wise. I look forward to meeting them again.
By Marcos A on 04 Dec, 2020