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Eco - Luxury Zanzibar Experience
Eco - Luxury Zanzibar Experience
Zanzibar, Tanzania
17 Oct, 2024
Cape Town South Africa (summer)
Cape Town South Africa (summer)
Cape Town, South Africa & Johannesburg
28 Nov, 2024

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Sightse overdelivered on the promise of a luxury Detty December holiday. From the onset, Sightse tended to all of our travel logistics including flight + stay accommodations, vaccination requirements and most helpful--full service Visa application support. Sightse's attention to detail was evident upon arrival, welcoming us with a beautifully arranged gift of a branded personalized water bottle and locally crafted leather fanny pack for our excursions. Our diverse itinerary included a mixture of cultural tours, night life + festivals w/ VIP access, boat rides, a private water-front beach house and so much more! The team also provided local chaperones day/night ensuring our utmost safety and even a driver for off-property activities. Oh and I didn't mention, not only did we have a full time photographer, but a videographer as well--again the details! Sightse seamlessly blends an immersive travel experience with culture, flair, and luxury. Any trip booked with Sightse will forever change your travel perspective. It's truly a 'one of a kind', treat yourself experience. Thank you Sightse for responding to the needs of the newly evolved traveler, looking forward to more trips across the continent with you!
By Rhonda V for Ghana in December 2022 (Afrochella 2022) on May 10, 2023
Definitely a five-Star experience. The Sightse team executed on its promise of a luxury vacation to Ghana. Upon arrival, guests were gifted a beautiful care package (candles, personalized water bottles, and African print Fanny pack). The itinerary for the week was as promised in the online brochure. All the selected tourist attractions served as a wonderful introduction for a first-time visitor to Ghana. Not only were we treated to visits to historic gardens, castles, and historic homes, but we also attended popular music festivals. To make our experience even more robust, the organizers provided a photographer and videographer to capture our experience and allow us to stay in the moment and leave the visual record in the hands of the competent young men who were charged with audio/visual recording. It was truly a memorable experience.
By Tracey W for Ghana Cultural Tour on Apr 28, 2023
I always knew that one day I would visit the Motherland so when the opportunity presented itself I did not hesitate. I felt the best way to travel was in a group so when I was introduced to Sightse it was like everything just aligned. My experience was beyond amazing and I am forever changed. Not only did going to Ghana feel like I was just "going home" but the "travel family" felt like home. Traveling this way made my experience that much better. It felt like a college internship I had to Germany years prior. We all came from different places yet we all felt the same. Everyone looked out for each other, covered each other, we even prayed together and shared personal stories. Sightse provided a very comfortable space for us to have the best experience. It was an absolute plus that we had a U.S. based host (Sandra) and we had a Ghana host (Arnold) that knew the in and outs of where we would be, what we would do, and how we would do it. They made things easy. This dynamic duo worked together to create an unforgettable experience and I am grateful. From the nightlife, to the cultural & historical locations, the relaxing spots and everything in between, it was like food for the soul. That is what Sightse gave !! And everyday was "a lovely day, lovely day, lovely day....lovely day" lol.
By LaMar B for Ghana in December 2022 (Afrochella 2022) on Apr 28, 2023


Ghana changed my life. I've never felt more free or fulfilled on a vacation/trip EVER. I knew going that everything I was ever taught or perceived would be challenged and that all I should be was "open". That would be my best piece of advice. I felt at home, seen, creative, comfy, and at peace. I'd highly advise adding it to your list. Actually, I insist. Please book your trip with Sightse TODAY! So much was packed into each day and I truly felt we got a chance to experience all there was to offer. All of our guides and trip organizers were friendly, and fun. By the end of the experience we were one big family. In fact, we still talk in our group chat often! I've already booked my trip for this upcoming year.
By Kori f on 27 Apr, 2023