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Cooking Class
Cooking Class
Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
1 day


What a great experience to have while in Antigua, Guatemala. The staff at Cuscun are exceptional and we got to create great food. Meeting new people and playing/cooking together is a bonus. We’ll be back and I highly recommend Cuscun to everyone.
By Chuck Kissee for Cooking Class on May 05, 2023
Signed up for this cooking class with a friend I met traveling and had a blast. We signed up for the Group class, but it ended up being just the two of us and it was an incredible experience. The main chef was very personable and did a great job of walking us through the steps to cook tostados (snack), Pepian (main meal), and dessert. There was another woman who helped translate when needed. Had a great time the whole time cooking, making jokes, and even dancing salsa at one point. They made it super easy, picking us up in town and dropping us back off after the activity. Would recommend this.
By Luke Lighthizer for Cooking Class on Apr 25, 2023
What a fabulous opportunity to really visit and understand the local market and then cook local foods. We discovered some fruits we had never tried before and most were delicious. The cooking school was so wonderful, the people kind and funny. We learned a lot and of course ate well. I highly recommend.
By Mara Owens for Cooking Class & Market Tour on Apr 06, 2023