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Chakana Reserve
Chakana Reserve
Quito, Ecuador
18 Aug, 2021


I visited alone for a day at Urraca Lodge and Jorupe reserve, and had a great time. Although I was already familiar with most species, Leo was fantastic at finding new ones and teaching me the songs. Transport worked perfectrly too. Many thanks to all. Byron Swift
By Byron S for Byron Swift Urrca Lodge Jan 23 on 18 Jan, 2023
Amazing tour - the ultimate Ecuador experience. Thanks so much for Jocotours massive help in organizing this and staying on top of the logistics!
By John R for Ecuador tour John Rogers x 7 on 11 Jan, 2023
Quite expensive for what you get. Seeing the Jocotoco Antpitta was great and amazing. Franco did an amazing job and was super friendly! Breakfast was nice as well and Cleo was so nice. The new ranger was a bit awkward, sitting all the time next to us on his phone as if he was checking on us the whole time. The hummingbird feeders are not too great. They are set up in a dark patch and not really great for photography. They would have to improve that massively to justify the 45USD p.p.
By Jacob J for Jasen x2 on 19 Dec, 2022