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Devils in Prague
Devils in Prague
Prague, Czechia
02 Oct, 2024

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Not what I was expecting. Wasn't informed seats may not be with a view of the ice, didn't receive tickets until late the night before so couldn't even do anything about it. Was not informed to look for a food survey from a different email address, so was late responding and had no vegetarian / non dairy options except for the French fries they ordered for me and took until 2nd period to arrive. Drink options were very limited if you didn't want alcohol. Even had to request additional water be brought in. Sorry, I just don't think I'll ever be doing this again... Totally not worth the price.
By Trudy A for New York Islanders at New Jersey Devils - SUITE on Apr 18, 2024
Amazing! Julie was a great host who was able to accommodate us perfectly! I even purchased another game while at the game I was at! Thanks! - Kevin
By Kevin B for Pittsburgh Penguins at New Jersey Devils - SUITE on Apr 12, 2024
It was a Great time to be had...while the team failed to live up to any kind of Expectations... Julie was the best Host Ever... great suite experience...great view.... great Food.... Looking forward to doing this again next season (Hopefully the Team actually shows up to play by then) Thanks Julie !!!!!!!!!
By Gil M for Toronto Maple Leafs at New Jersey Devils - SUITE on Apr 11, 2024


I have been on a number of Julie Approved Group Trips/Experiences that Julie has made available to watch hockey and explore various cities and I have never left disappointed. I've met fellow fans who I wouldn't have otherwise met, I've attended the Stadium Series in a suite that I wouldn't have gotten to do otherwise, and explored cities in ways I never did before meeting Julie. Trust me when I tell you that when she says she has everything covered, she does indeed have everything covered. From hotels, travel, activities and the games with a great view. You owe it yourself to try the full Julie Approved Group Trip experience at least once.
By Erik F on 19 Mar, 2024
I have gone on 6 trips and 10 games with Julie via her Julie Approved Group Trips and each time it has been a blast! Since Julie's job encompasses hockey and she has experienced all of these areas, she know all the best spots to visit. Whether it be to learn about the area, eat some really great food, have a little fun like curling in Montreal, going on a whiskey distillery tour in Pittsburgh, and so much more. Also, Julie has wealth of knowledge about hockey so you can just pick her brain and ask her whatever questions you would like. There is just a ton of fun stuff you can do on these trips plus, you get to meet so many people. Some you will call friends and look forward to going on more trips with. Lastly, Julie goes above and beyond for all these games and trips. She wants to make sure everyone has a great time and enjoys themselves. Even if there are some activities you may not enjoy or they aren't up your alley, she has a wide range of stuff so there should be something you will enjoy. You might even find something new you like.
By Perrin D on 28 Jul, 2023
I signed up for Julie's 2023 Devils Playoff ticket package. It initially required a $500 deposit. She clearly communicated that the prices may go up depending on the prices the team set when the tickets became available. The estimates for these prices seemingly increased day-by-day and Julie urgently requested an additional deposit outside of WeTravel using Venmo. To ensure I would have tickets I sent her an additional $700. ($1,200 Total). The price continued to increase and Julie eventually let us know that due to the exorbitant increases there would no longer be a commitment, so I let her know that I'd be backing out so I could purchase tickets cheaper elsewhere, which I did. Once I let her know that I was backing out and requested a refund, she stopped responding to any communication from me. About a month later, I reached out over Facebook, where she previously answered questions for me. After a few days she responded letting me know she was traveling but would look into it and to send her another email with the information. I did so. Once again, she ignored all communication and when I followed up on Facebook, I also didn’t receive a response. Refunds are handled by the Trip Organizer on WeTravel, so unless Julie wants to refund me, she's got my $1,200 and it doesn’t look like I’m hearing back from her. I've followed Julie's work for years and I assumed since she was a reputable figure around the NHL media circles, there would be no issues dealing with her and at first, that was the case, but now I learned my lesson. Still appreciate Julie's work, but I feel obligated to share the experience I had.
By Andreas M on 12 Jun, 2023