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Guamote & Colta Lake
Guamote & Colta Lake
Riobamba, Chimborazo, Ecuador
27 Jun, 2019
Devil's nose & Ingapirca
Devil's nose & Ingapirca
Riobamba, Chimborazo, Ecuador
28 Jun, 2019


This was a great experience! Neither my friend or I had used crampons or ice axes prior, but our guide gave us good explanations prior to how we should use the equipment, and we felt safe the whole time. Our guide was checking for avalanche conditions periodically during the hike, and during a steep section that I would have been nervous about, he attached the rope and balayed, so I felt very safe. All other practical arrangements by the company were great as well. My only complaint was the boots, my feet were killing me by the end. I don't think there was anything wrong with the quality, but I'm just so accustomed to wide toe-box's and flexible shoes, not climbing boots.
By Adeline M for Carihuairazo Climb on 14 Dec, 2022
We never got to the high camp due to the high winds, so it never happened. Very disappointing. There was hardly any use of the equipment and we never got all the meals that I was promised. The his left a bitter taste in my mouth.
By Miguel T for Chimborazo Climb from High Camp on 29 Jul, 2022
Hi Miguel, we understand your disappointment about the stormy conditions on Chimborazo. Unfortunately the weather in the Ecuadorian Andes is extremely variable and unpredictable. In case of extreme conditions, safety comes first! This is why our Climbing Rules and Conditions establish that the mountain guide will take the decision to go down, if weather or snow conditions make it too dangerous to continue. You did not have dinner in the high camp, but instead we provided dinner in the Carrel refuge. We offered the option to spend the night in the refuge and hike to the Whymper Needles the next morning, explaining that in this case the costs of the refuge had to be covered. As you decided not to stay, we agreed with you that we will apply a discount for a future summit attempt. We hope to see you back!
By Julio Verne Travel on 01 Aug, 2022
Epic trip! We loved the adventure and wish that we had had more time, highly recommend this agency, professional and experienced with great recommendations for a reason.
By Daniel P for Chimborazo climb on 21 Jul, 2022