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My path started in the kitchen and with my love of food which has led me to cook all over the world and for many a yoga retreat. Along the way I have learned about the power of sound and frequency by learning sound therapy. I have also studied Applied kinesiology which has given me my understanding of how information is stored with in the body . I am also a keen practitioner of Dr Bradley Nelsons Bodycode system which can help get to the underlying cause of many an imbalance within the body . In India and Sri lanka I learned the benefits of Yoga and Sujok. Whilst in Brazil I was eager to learn about plant medicine and Breath work. I have also personally experienced, that by learning to reprogram any negative core beliefs we may have , can literally change our destiny. Combining all this great information with my sense of adventure has led me to create unique retreats that help people to re charge and correct any imbalances found in the body and mind.



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Reset your self today 3 day workshop
Reset your self today 3 day workshop
Vida mountain Costa rica
Dec 01, 2018

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