Past Trips


I had an amazing time. The intentionality behind each excursion and culinary experience was greatly appreciated. I loved that our daily schedules were not jam packed with activities, leaving room to rest and explore on our own. Our beautiful hosts were amazing and always made sure we were taken care of. I felt safe, seen and heard throughout this trip and I truly enjoyed the fellowship amongst Black women! Our villa during this time was beautiful, with modern updates as well as old world charm! Great location and we even had the best in- house support! Amazing experience, would 1000% recommend and am looking forward to another trip with our organizers!
By DaShawn W for Cartagena Uncovered- A Culinary Tour on 16 Oct, 2022
The retreat to Cartagena with Sol Goddess Wellness was an amazing experience; The choice of our villa located inside the wall was a perfect option for six individuals; the amenities and staff in the villa were spectacular and so accommodating. Overall the retreat was a great balance of excursions of all that Cartagena has to offer combined with relaxation and mindfulness. We explored, shopped, cooked, practiced wellness and even climbed into a volcano together. Definitely a trip worth exploring!
By Diane L for Sol Goddess Wellness Retreat-- Cartagena on 30 Oct, 2021
We had an amazing time. The trip was well curated, will be traveling with Sol Godess again. It was such a pleasure being with such a group.
By Marjorie T for Sol Goddess Wellness Retreat-- Cartagena on 25 Oct, 2021


I was blessed to attend the first Sol Goddess Wellness Retreat in Port Antonio, Jamaica. I have spent most of my days the last 2 years caring for my child in a hospital over 500 miles away from home. The opportunity to retreat for 5 to 6 days with other women in a setting fit for a movie was a dream come true. I didn’t know how much I needed to leave my everyday surroundings for a place as beautiful as Port Antonio and with the company of an amazing group of women. During the trip I focused as much on self-care and self-love as I did on breeding new friendships. I practiced Yoga first thing in the morning every single day. Imagine laying your mat down and raising your head high towards the open sky. The ocean ahead of you and the sun kissing you good morning. Yoga was always followed by my favorite meal of the day! Breakfast. And what a meal it always was. Fresh fruit, coffee, pastries, made to order eggs and more. Imagine rolling up your yoga mat, grabbing a cold drink of water and walking over to a beautifully set table facing the ocean. Breakfast was made all the better by the company. I absolutely loved meeting the women on the trip. My roommates and I became instant friends. We were like 3 peas in a pod. We allowed each other the space to be or genuine selves around each other. And boy did we laugh every day! No day was complete without an excursion or time at the beach. Winnifred Beach, Frenchmen’s Cove (named one of the best beaches in the world), San San Beach, the Blue Lagoon, hiking at Reach Falls and more. Hard to imagine we did all of that and more in 5-6 days. In the late evenings we dined under the moon to food catered by either the hotel staff or very own chef Nadege Fleurimond. Nadege not only prepared food for or group but invited us into the kitchen to participate in the experience. We shopped for ingredients together and each of us played a small role in preparing a portion of our meal. Dinners were lively some nights with lots of conversation and peaceful other nights. On the more peaceful nights we would gather at the table and reflect on our day - share small moments and open up about the life that awaited us back home. Together - whether at Yoga, over dinner or an evening sit down - we helped each other heal, soul-search, rest, leave worries behind and grow. Sol Goddess Wellness Retreats provides an array of opportunities for all women. It’s opportunity to say “this is my time”! It is so hard to dedicate time for self-care, but nothing forces you to focus on you more than leaving your everyday surroundings and flying to somewhere as beautiful as Port Antonio. If you are looking for ME-time, a little adventure, a little out-of-your comfort zone time to challenge yourself, a beautiful setting to explore, a moment to rejuvenate your spirit with the help of other women, a hands-on learning experience or simply a vacation, then Sol Goddess Wellness Retreats are for you. Kafayat, founder and organizer, of Sol Goddess was a great facilitator and leader of the retreat. Every day / night was thoughtfully planned out. You could see in her eyes and her smile how much she wanted all of the attendants to get exactly what they were each looking for in the Retreat. I would highly recommend you consider Sol Goddess for your next trip or retreat. You will not regret it. It’s important to also note that part of the proceeds from the retreat helps to find some very important work at the Bel Espirit Cultural Institute - whether it’s working with at risk young girls in The Dominican Republic or gifting Haitian youth with much needed school supplies. What more could you ask for? The Retreat took care of me and sent me on my way feeling ready to conquer another day fighting for my daughters life. Thank you Kafayat and Sol Goddess.
By Adayna C on 21 Mar, 2019