It's quite impossible to describe this whole trip unless one gets to experience it. All of us participants took a huge leap of faith into our instructors Charu, Kari and Mirabai to go into the jungle in Mexico in the middle of a pandemic, but this should show how much trust we have in them. The trip was beyond my expectations: 1) The place: Haramara is a eco resort built respectfully and thoughtfully, and is full of wonders, its amazing location tucked in a jungle (completely safe), open air sleeping huts (the best sleep you'll ever have), the most amazing and nutritious food cooked by a private chef and delivered by the most amazing and thoughtful waiters, its top notch massage service right by its private beach, its gorgeous infinity salt water pool are some of the highlights. No electricity or reception in rooms, which forces you to slow things down, and I loved that. 2) The people: All 12 women who participated, from age 30 to 70, were from all walks of life, and came together in such a touching way to support each other. By day 3 we were all friends and opened up to each other with ultimate trust. I was so proud to be part of this unlikely group who treated each other with respect, non-judgment and compassion. 3) Our instructors: I saved these 3 for the last - I don't know how I got so lucky to know these incredibly nurturing, "good for the soul and good for the body" women who were like our mothers during this trip. They all have their different flavor and superpowers, but most impressive of all, they blend so seamlessly to provide you with the ultimate relaxing, thought-provoking, emotional, , human, moving (in all meanings of the word) experience. We laughed (a lot), cried (a bit), moved our bodies, and relaxed to the max. I am literally afraid of going to other retreats after this because I don't think they can top this powerful trio of women who gave us the realest, deepest experience. THANK YOU Charu, Kari and Mirabai! You're what this world needs more of :)
By Nazli O for Mexico Yoga Retreat 2020: 6th Annual Sacred Healing Circle for Women on 24 Mar, 2020
This was my first yoga retreat and it was an experience that exceeded all my years of expectations! My teachers, Mirabai, Charu and Kari, were literally a dream team. They complement one another beautifully and bring their different approaches together seamlessly. At the end of the week, I physically felt like I haven’t in years. And, the time for quiet introspection and meditation was like medicine for the soul. The venue, Hara Mara, is so stunningly beautiful, I can’t imagine a more perfect place for a retreat. The marvelous food, the kind service and the lush surroundings were a complete luxury while practicing yoga. I’m dreaming of taking my daughter there one day to share this incredible experience with her. With much appreciation to Mirabai, Charu, Kari and all of the lovely Hara Mara staff, Gratefully, Pamela
By Pamela H for Mexico Yoga Retreat 2020: 6th Annual Sacred Healing Circle for Women on 23 Mar, 2020
We had an amazing time. Mirabai, Kari, and Charu created a magical and transformational experience!!! Can't wait for the next one!!!
By Elizabeth T for Mexico Yoga Retreat 2020: 6th Annual Sacred Healing Circle for Women on 16 Mar, 2020