Past Trips

7th Annual DharmaPunx NYC Fall Retreat
7th Annual DharmaPunx NYC Fall Retreat
Won Dharma Center, Claverack, New York
24 Oct, 2019


I look forward to this trip more than any weekend in the year. Gorgeous views and trails and delicious Korean food and -- oh yeah -- pretty decent dhamma talks. Just kidding. Awesome talks and wonderful somatic work. I even recommended Won to my acupuncturist for a getaway with her husband and kid.
By Marc S for 7th Annual DharmaPunx NYC Fall Retreat on Nov 06, 2019
Perfect Setting and great teachers food and accommodation. Would definitely recommend it!
By Jair G for 7th Annual DharmaPunx NYC Fall Retreat on Nov 06, 2019
Was an amazing retreat - beautiful location, food was amazing, and teachers were inspiring! Highly recommend!
By Dominic G for 7th Annual DharmaPunx NYC Fall Retreat on Oct 31, 2019


I could never share enough kind, loving words about Josh / Kathy / Dharmapunx. In this amazingly positive community + with these specific teachers, I feel so completely held + supported to continuously make a deeply sincere effort to enrich my spiritual practice + understanding of the dharma. I always feel an extremely genuine invitation of calm welcome in any interaction, and the beautifully insightful, very well studied + keenly personal interpretations that shape their multi-faceted teachings always land so clearly for me. I am endlessly grateful to be both a student + friend to these wonderful humans, and I am so lucky to be allowed to practice, retreat + commune in the same spaces with them. My heart is full of boundless love + mega metta for how much they've given me along this path. Any time here is time well spent.
By Leslie B on 29 Aug, 2018
Being on retreat with Kathy and Josh is a wonderful experience. They are extremely caring and intentional in how they create an atmosphere of safety and connection, even when the retreat is held mainly in silence. I have been on retreat with more than 15 different teachers, and Kathy and Josh stand out for the amazing job they do of offering the authenticity, down-to-earth approachability, humor, wisdom, support and care that helps practitioners to get the most out of the experience.
By Arden P on 18 Aug, 2018
Attending the Dharma Punx fall retreat at Won Dharma has become my favorite local NY mediation retreat experiences. A welcoming, supportive community and the beautiful Won Dharma grounds, rolling hills and wooded trails in autumn is a peaceful place to develop one's meditation practice. I enjoy the simple, wholesome, mostly vegan Korean fare at meals (they grow their own garlic!), and the sleek, modern meditation hall and dorms have a calming effect on my mind. Getting there may be a little tricky (you need to call a cab from the train station in Hudson,), but otherwise, it's relatively easy to get there via public transportation from NYC.
By Terry R on 17 Aug, 2018