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Kathy Parsons For more than a decade, certified Yoga teacher (RYT-200), Kathy, has been journeying around the world to many health retreats. From Yoga and fitness to breath work and moving meditation, she's harvested a wealth of knowledge during her time and commitment spent at retreats. Kathy rightfully professes herself as a "retreat addict" (and a type-A in recovery) and is now dedicated to providing the ultimate energizing and balanced yoga and retreat experience for others. Her specialty is vinyasa flow, and her classes incorporate creative movements that strengthen and lengthen the body while staying connected to the breath. She also teaches pranayama (breathing exercises), moving meditation, restorative and yin yoga and mindfulness. Classes are tailored to the students with as much personalized attention as possible, including gentle hands-on adjustments and assists, inspirational music and a scented savasana massage. “My philosophy is to provide the space for each student to connect with their mind, body and soul so they finish class feeling simultaneously lighter and more grounded. I encourage students to push themselves to their personal limits, while not taking themselves too seriously. Smiling and laugher is welcome!” Kathy’s home base is in Toronto, and when she is not leading retreats in Cuba and New York she is teaching yoga and meditation and fundraising for healthcare and educational institutions. For her schedule in Toronto, please visit "I've practiced various styles of yoga for about 13 years, but Kathy is the first teacher who ever made yoga personal for me. For the first time, I experienced the connection of mind, body, breath, and spirit, and it changed the way I view yoga forever. Kathy is so much fun, funny, and friendly in class, and at the same time, teaches in a very loving way". Elizabeth, NYC

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It’s hard to imagine that The Kaaterskill is only 120 miles away from New York City. From the moment you pull into the gates, you are instantly transported into a land that feels a million miles away. My wife and I first experienced The Kaaterskill back in April when we attended this very same retreat. We left the first retreat thinking there was no way it would ever be as good if we attended a second time around, but boy were we wrong. The moment we found out that Kathy and Mary were hosting the retreat again in September we immediately signed up. Arriving at The Kaaterskill on Thursday afternoon is a bit surreal. You pull up and park and the first thing you might notice is the idyllic tranquility of the place. The brick red buildings are faded, but still stand stark against the green grass and blue sky. The grounds are neat, but not perfect. The “Guest Entrance” sign can be a bit hard to miss, but you’ll soon find your way through the trellis and into the main guest house. The main guest house has six guest rooms, a couple of common space rooms and my favorite room of all which is the full kitchen and dining area. Upon arriving, you are shown to your guest room (we actually got to pick our room this last go around!) and depending on what time you arrive you probably have some time to go exploring before the first yoga class of the retreat. If you are wondering what to pack, my suggestion would be tons of your favorite yoga clothes and maybe a pair of jeans and a sweater if you want to do a quick wardrobe change before dinner one night. If you decided to only wear your yoga clothes all weekend, trust me you will fit right in with the rest of the group. One of the many magical things about The Kaaterskill property is that you and your fellow yogi’s are the only ones there (sans the grounds keeper and property manager.) It’s hard to describe, but without any additional guests or activities going on around you it feels like you actually are living there and for those brief few days it feels like home. The property is also home to a couple dozen farm animals, so if you ever wondered what it feels like to wake up to a rooster crowing this is your chance. The retreat itinerary is pretty simple – yoga, eat, relax, (maybe more yoga) eat, relax, yoga, eat, relax, and sleep. Let’s start with what most people would say is probably the most important activity of the retreat and that is the yoga (I mean, it is a yoga retreat.) My wife and I had been attending Mary Horne’s classes here in Manhattan for about two years before we attended the first retreat back in April, so we were already very familiar with her and her teaching style. On the flip side, the first time we met Kathy Parsons was back in April when we attended the retreat the first time around and we had no idea what to expect. Kathy and Mary complement each other well – Kathy teaching the evening yoga classes and Mary the morning classes. The evening yoga classes start around 5:30 pm and take place in “the barn” or somewhere outside on the property. The barn is basically just a wooden structure that opens up overlooking the pond and tree line and is perfect for a yoga class. It was even more magical this time as they still had string lights and a chandelier hanging in the barn as the property is mostly used for weddings throughout the summer months. Kathy’s evening classes typically last close to 90 minutes and will be a mix of a vinyasa flow, followed by a yin practice and maybe even some meditation. Overall Kathy is a wonderful, gracious instructor and makes something as scary as meditation seem easy and accessible. Mary Horne leads the morning classes which last at least 75 minutes and would be classified as strong vinyasa flow. Starting at 8 am, these morning classes will make you sweat but will also energize you for the day ahead. Mary is an inspirational and beautiful instructor, but completely grounded and down to earth. Kathy and Mary are both very generous with their yoga knowledge and this retreat is perfect for those of you who want/need a little extra attention. Besides doing a ton of yoga, you also spend a lot of time eating. I know this sounds a bit counterproductive, but wait I haven’t told you about Emmett Moeller. Who is Emmett you ask? Well Emmett is a chef and a very special one at that. Remember how I mentioned the kitchen and dining area as being my favorite in the guest house? It’s all due to this guy and his amazing cooking. Emmett has this spectacular ability to make meals that are not only extremely healthy, but that also tastes good and looks like something straight out of your favorite cooking magazine. My wife loves to cook and she has now come away both times inspired by Emmett and all of his amazing dishes. If the weather is nice, you can expect to eat dinner outside. Think rustic old furniture, candlelight and seasonal floral arrangements all while watching the sun set and farm animals grazing in the open. The long weekend goes by too fast and it’s a bit heartbreaking when you have to say goodbye to your fellow retreaters, but you will feel strong, well fed, and hopefully super relaxed. All in all, worth every penny and we can’t wait to do it all over again.