Kathy is a gifted teacher and organized an exceptional retreat. The yoga and HIIT classes were accessible and challenging for any level of fitness, the food was excellent, and there were a lot of unique experiences that demonstrated Kathy's incredibly thoughtful, encouraging, kind, and fun style. Highly recommend!
By Alison T for 5 Day Yoga & Fitness Retreat in the Dominican Republic on 28 Nov, 2019
I had a wonderful time on Kathy’s retreat! It was very well organized and thought through. The yoga was phenomenal! The classes helped built my strength and flexibility over the retreat. The HITT classes were great for cardio and strength. Kathy added lots of amazing touches throughout the retreat!
By Joanna H for 5 Day Yoga & Fitness Retreat in the Dominican Republic on 27 Nov, 2019
Kathy is an exceptional host. She put together an itinerary that accommodated all levels of fitness and adventure. Through her support and encouragement, Kathy helped everyone achieve a personal best; both on the mat and in our souls. Her humour, wisdom and kindness set the tone for what was an amazing trip, I will be looking to join her on adventures again.
By Sandra R for 5 Day Yoga & Fitness Retreat in the Dominican Republic on 26 Nov, 2019