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Kathy Parsons For more than a decade, certified Yoga teacher (RYT-200), Kathy, has been journeying around the world to many health retreats. From Yoga and fitness to breath work and moving meditation, she's harvested a wealth of knowledge during her time and commitment spent at retreats. Kathy rightfully professes herself as a "retreat addict" (and a type-A in recovery) and is now dedicated to providing the ultimate energizing and balanced yoga and retreat experience for others. Her specialty is vinyasa flow, and her classes incorporate creative movements that strengthen and lengthen the body while staying connected to the breath. She also teaches pranayama (breathing exercises), moving meditation, restorative and yin yoga and mindfulness. Classes are tailored to the students with as much personalized attention as possible, including gentle hands-on adjustments and assists, inspirational music and a scented savasana massage. “My philosophy is to provide the space for each student to connect with their mind, body and soul so they finish class feeling simultaneously lighter and more grounded. I encourage students to push themselves to their personal limits, while not taking themselves too seriously. Smiling and laugher is welcome!” Kathy’s home base is in Toronto, and when she is not leading retreats in Cuba and New York she is teaching yoga and meditation and fundraising for healthcare and educational institutions. For her schedule in Toronto, please visit "I've practiced various styles of yoga for about 13 years, but Kathy is the first teacher who ever made yoga personal for me. For the first time, I experienced the connection of mind, body, breath, and spirit, and it changed the way I view yoga forever. Kathy is so much fun, funny, and friendly in class, and at the same time, teaches in a very loving way". Elizabeth, NYC Mary Horne Mary Horne is a 200hr Vinyasa RYT and certified personal trainer. Prior to fitness, Mary was a professional dancer and taught and performed throughout the United States and Mexico. Since 2011, Mary has dedicated her life to health and fitness and helping people discover their true potential and happiest, healthiest selves. Mary serves as the National Director of Mind/Body Programs for Bootcamp Republic and is the co-creator and co-founder of SPRY Yoga. She currently teaches full time- teaching both group Vinyasa classes for Equinox Fitness, as well as working with students one-on-one. Mary leads retreats both nationally and internationally to allow students to disconnect from their day-to-day and reconnect to themselves and their health. For Mary's schedule in NYC, please visit

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