Gillian and Katy organized a wonderful weekend in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains with just the right number of class offerings and non-structured time for a roughly 48-hour trip. The grounds of Pema Osla Ling were peaceful and fresh during our rainy weekend and every vegetarian meal was truly delicious. When the whole group of 25 or so were together during meals, many were enjoying talking with one another, but I was surprised at how incredibly loud people were. Personally I needed to minimize my time in the dining space, it was too overwhelming. Some entered classes loudly and late, which I felt lacked respect for Gillian and Katy. My unexpected experiences with a few retreat attendees should not reflect on Katy and Gillian. This was my first yoga retreat and I realized later that I came into the experience with expectations of a more contemplative energy for this intention setting reflective weekend. That's on me and mine to adjust and accept in the moment. I look forward to future immersive gatherings like this that Gillian is part of.
By Charis H for Coming Home to Self: Intention Setting for The New Year on Feb 05, 2024
This retreat was such a wonderful experience. I especially enjoyed the location, company, and guides. Would have loved if it was one day longer ;) The yoga, breathwork, food, and format of the retreat was perfect! Thank you so much!
By Jess D for Coming Home to Self: Intention Setting for The New Year on Jan 30, 2024