Everything was planned out and communicated in real time. There was just the right mix of spontaneity and planning
By Pamela J for Sabda Pancabhuta Yatra – January 2023 on Feb 18, 2023
It was an incredible and transformational trip. We had the most exclusive and exquisite experience in the unique temples we visited. It exceed any of my expectations. Thank you so much to Kavithaji and Sumitji for such q beautiful experience.
By adriana l for Sabda Pancabhuta Yatra – January 2023 on Feb 16, 2023
The yatra was amazing and will be processing and absorbing it for months and maybe even years to come...Yusef is the most incredible guide, taking care of complex as well as the smallest details, always with a smile on his face...I always felt safe and well taken care of...being with Amma, Sumitji and my sangha sisters and brothers was beyond what I expected...I will carry this experience in my heart forever...thank you, thank you, thank you!
By Susan B for Sabda Pancabhuta Yatra – January 2023 on Feb 15, 2023