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Earthdance July Fourth Jam at Nine Mountain
Earthdance July Fourth Jam at Nine Mountain
For Participants Staying at Nine Mountain Retreats for the Jam
02 Jul, 2018


This adventure was quite transformative. I was with a group for the final module in a 300 hour yoga course founded and shared by Todd Norian. This particular week was focused on the Chakra system. Outside of my yoga Kula, I found myself interacting often with the grounds and surrounding area of Earthdance - it was magical. The stone walls created imaginative stories to entertain my mind. There is a faerie house and rooms for dancing, art to fill the crevasses of your heart. OH! And the folks who work to maintain the guests needs and nurture the environment are a hoot! These artists, dancers, and amazing cooks who live here were such a pleasure to chat with and share dress up with! I am eager to return with my daughter and play some more.
By Melissa C for Ashaya Teacher Training Housing and Meals Registration on Nov 16, 2019
Meals provided were absolutely outstanding. Staff at 9 Mountain were engaging and pleasant. Kelly arranged accommodation at Skyland Farm. Left this room after one night. Cleaning standards were lacking and all communication with the owner was by text. There was a cat litter box in the non-functioning shower in the guest bath. I believe this business suffers by not having the owner/operator on site. Found accommodation for balance of stay on my own.
By Winnie M for Ashaya Teacher Training Housing and Meals Registration on Nov 13, 2019