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As one of Canada’s largest all female adventure communities The Lady Alliance strives to break down barriers and get women outside. Our goal is to provide adventures and courses for women, connecting them to a growing community of adventurer-seekers world-wide. The Lady Alliance is a highly engaged community, looking to create a safe and encouraging space where ladies can grow, learn and explore together. "WOW! This past September long weekend, I participated in an amazing weekend of adventure organized by The Lady Alliance. I did not know any of the other ladies before this weekend so I was unsure what to expect but within the first few hours I felt like I had instantly made 28 new friends!" - Amanda Bonner - The Lady Alliance Facebook Page.



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I went on my own and I was welcomed like an old friend from Kieren and Sonia. It was a great weekend and I would recommend going alone as it forces you to step outside of your comfort zone. Thank you Lady Alliance
I had a really great time hiking and eating pizza with some wonderful ladies! Thankyou first arranging an oportunity to check out one of the hikes Saskatchewan has to offer!
This weekend is one of the best I’ve ever had!! I went into the weekend concerned that I’d be the oldest one there or not be able to keep up in the hikes or not connect with anyone or that everyone there would be friends already and I’d be an outsider. None of this was true!! There were ladies of all ages and fitness levels that were all looking for a weekend away with other amazing, fun ladies!! The meals were delicious, Balu Yoga provided amazing yoga classes and hikes were available for all levels or you could choose to just relax by the water and read! The weekend was yours for whatever you wanted out of it!! I had the best time and can’t wait to join The Lady Alliance in the future!!
The Lady Alliance group hike meet-up was an awesome opportunity to get to meet a group of girls in Saskatchewan who share common interests and are wanting to enjoy the outdoors together! It was great that we got to know eachother throughout the hike, and we had the chance to visit more during the post-hike pizza session. If there is another opportunity for a Sask group hike I would 100% go again and grab some more girlfriends to tag along! Thanks so much Kieren for putting this hike together. You're doing an amazing job connecting women across the country through hiking.
Awesome adventure with an amazing and accomplished group of women of all ages. The Hut was perfect for the hiking meet up, great facilities, great food, and lots of fun! Kieran was amazing and I would highly recommend her and the adventures she leads. Two big thumbs up!!
A.O. Wheeler was great accommodation for this type of meet. It reminded me of camp as a kid. The organizer was very thoughtful on allowing people to create their own adventures while ensuring safety throughout the hikes and weekend. I would definitely do this again!
The most amazing trip I have ever had! We had the best time, best weather, best wildlife sightings and the best group of girls! The Nootka Trail was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. The bond with the group was amazing. I am certain I will be doing another trip with lady alliance as soon as possible
It was great to meet so many like-minded women that I hope to stay in touch with in the future. The ambassadors did a great job running the trip, Loved the yoga and the info on hiking in the area. I wish there was a bit more communication beforehand. I would definitely consider going on a Lady Alliance trip again to a different location, my only hold back would be the price- it seems to have gone up despite offerings during the trip going down since last year.
The weather was not perfect to say the least, but that didn't mean we did not use our time to the fullest, It was an AMAZING group, we talked about every thing we could think of, will love to do it again. Thank you so much Chelsey, for all your organization and your attention to all the details. I had a great time!!!
Although the weather was not ideal for the July AO Wheeler Hut meet up, we made the most of it and still managed to get some great hiking in. Met so many awesome women! The hut itself is much larger than I thought it would be and super cozy by the fire. Glacier National Park is beautiful! This was a great opportunity to check out the area (my first time) and meet like minded women at the same time. So glad I decided to register for this.
A great weekend and a great opportunity to meet other like-minded ladies! I'd never been hiking in the Rockies so I was a little wary of the weather and bears but it was obvious the reps had everyone's safety and comfort top of mind. The Wheeler Hut is a great place for a group this size and the food was also great! It's nice that they try keep costs low but still provide a quality experience. To me, the best part was that it was an unstructured weekend, but still organized. You weren't forced to do yoga or go hiking every day, but you could count on blocks throughout the day for those activities and designated meal times. The 3 days felt very natural and it allowed people to mingle with everyone who was there, rather than sticking with certain groups. I also really appreciated the group time in the evenings, it was a great way to get to know others. All in all, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Lady Alliance trip to anyone considering going on one. Great job Chelsey, and thanks to Kieren and the rest of the team for organizing these trips.
Big thanks to owner Dede Monette of Tofino Yoga!!! The staff she put together was brilliant. Thanks Tofino Yoga!
Such a wonderful trip! All the partners involved made it fantastic and the food was amazing. So grateful to have had this experience.
I had a great trip, the surfing was fun, the food was amazing and it was great to connect with others in such a magical place. I wanted to go surfing more :). Thank you!
I was super stoked on the surf and seaplane->hot springs cove. The surfing was amazing with the wonderful instruction from Surf Sister. The hot springs were so gorgeous and sooo natural. Tofino itself is such a sweet little surf town! I’m not super into yoga and there was quite a bit. I would definitely recommend this trip to another person!!
My second free hiking meet up with the Lady Alliance. It was just a great as the first time. I've been hiking with the ladies I met on the first meet up, and now I have met some more rad ladies to hike with in the future! Love these!
It was a great group to experience my first hike with! Definitely will do out again :)
I had an amazing time and met some great people, that I hope to continue to hike with in the future. I will be recommending future hiking meetups and events with The Lady Alliance to others and I will definitely be attending other events myself.


The Lady Alliance absolutely mastered the perfect balance of providing courses and trips that are appealing and challenging, while combining like-minded women with common goals, all in beautiful locations with awesome leaders, guides, and representatives! I will definitely be signing up for more courses in the future, and I suggest that you do the same!
By Katie Schneider on Feb 22, 2018