Such a magical experience! Kiri and Maga did an incredible job bringing us all together in a sacred location. A perfect weekend to connect deeper with yourself, nature and other inspiring women. The food by Chef Jess was amazing too!
By Alicia D for Witches In The Woods - Awaken the Wild Woman Within✨ on Aug 10, 2023
What a magical experience! The movement practices with Maga and Kirin were incredible, in between nature walks, crafts, delicious meals, and opportunities to connect with our own intentions and a group of open-hearted women. So happy to have said YES!
By Alicja B for Witches In The Woods - Awaken the Wild Woman Within✨ on Aug 02, 2023
If I could only leave one word about this retreat, it might simply be “wow”. This was an awe-inspiring, completely recharging, and life-giving weekend with the best company. Kirin’s ability to cultivate an atmosphere of loving, meaningful, and joyful connection is simply beautiful! The moments of depth were matched by moments of joy. We danced, we cried, we nourished with the most delicious food, and we dropped deeply into the yoga. I still feel the ripple effects in my life today. I feel so grateful to have experienced this magical retreat ~ if you have an opportunity to practice with Kirin Power, I highly encourage you to say yes and allow her beauty to open your heart the way it so naturally does.
By Katie C for Awaken + Recharge Yoga + Nature Retreat on Apr 30, 2023


Kirin and Maga were beautiful hosts for the Withes in the Woods 2023 retreat in Mendocino. These two beings are DJs for emotions and took us on a journey through yoga, dance, crafts, bonfires, tastes and mindfulness. They encouraged us to experience a wide range of feelings and love while nourishing ourselves in nature. This retreat was one of those life experiences that feels like an entire summer camp experience happening in one lone weekend. <3
By Katie M on 09 Aug, 2023
Kirin’s retreat at Mandala Springs was a truly lovely experience. Her approach to the weekend and integrated teachings set a tone that was kind and gentle, filled with love and light, grounded and approachable, yet deeply personal. The accumulation of people, moments and experiences were nothing short of magical. She planned for every detail, but it always felt organic and free, and somehow perfectly encapsulated what was most needed in each exact moment. It allowed each person to have a uniquely individual experience while also engaging in the power of group. The location she chose provided the perfect space, intimacy, warmth, and energy - whether exploring the grounds for quiet reflection and moments of solace, being nourished by the delicious food or looked after by the kind and incredibly accommodating staff.
By April T on 15 Apr, 2023