Past Trips


I was lucky and blessed to join the amazing Kirtaniyas India Bhakti Yatra (tour) in Jan 2019. Being 7 days in Vrindavan and 3 days in Risikesh with Kirtaniyas was the greatest gift. India is already a wonderful place to visit, but doing so with Kirtaniyas and the group we made there is a unique opportunity that I strongly recommend to those who want to experience the deepest India through devotional (bhakti) yoga. Hare Krisna!!
By Marc O on 06 Jun, 2019
I was blessed to join the Kirtaniyas for the 2019 India Bhakti yatra. This experience was magical and beyond my imagination life-changing. It meant so much to have Vijay, Malini, Rasika and Sita as retreat leaders. They each have a deep and known connection to India - relationships with the land we traveled to, communities we engaged with (ashrams, temples, people etc) and with lineages and bhakti we practiced together. As a person who is Indian born (living in America), this was especially important to me. It supported my intentions to deepen spiritual practice (with leaders who are not themselves perpetuating cultural appropriation) and be a mindful tourist (even in a place that is my ancestral motherland). Bhakti radiates so freely and lovingly from Vijay, Malini, Rasika and Sita (Kirtaniyas band members + other retreat leader/yoga facilitator). They each were so generous in sharing devotional stories and learnings, and also held our group as a beloved community and family. These exchanges opened my heart, deepened my practice and inspired much joy and personal healing. As someone traveling with the group, I felt taken care of… they arranged all needed details and we found synergy as a group with space for personal practice as needed. And have I mentioned that this retreat was so much FUN! I joked to a friend ~ with the Kirtaniyas there is bhakti and kirtan all the time and everywhere. This way of being is precious and soulful. My life is forever transformed from this trip and more so now with the connection and bonds formed on this yatra. I highly recommend experiencing a yatra or event with the Kirtaniyas. Words can’t express the love and sweet nectar that comes from this bhakti and community family experience.
By Kirthi N on 30 May, 2019
I want to talk with u ... kirtanyas....yr servant sumanta from sri jaganath Puri dham...hare Krishna
By sumanta m on 24 May, 2019