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The Africa trip made possible by Kodo Tours is one we'll remember for the rest of our lives and will be one we'll be talking to friends and family about for years to come. It was a phenomenal trip to say the least. We spent time with golden monkeys and gorillas where we even got shoved and kicked by the latter which makes for a great story. We witnessed not one but two epic wildebeest river crossings in the Serengeti. We saw all of the big 5 and then some. The staff and service at all the lodges and camps were first-rate. Our guides did a fantastic job of taking care of us and educating us about Rwandan and Tanzanian history, culture, and and wildlife. We must give a special shoutout to Nomad Tanzania though. Their camps were so well-run and well-maintained and we can't stop raving about the food they served. Kodo Tours and Jessica Plumb put together an amazing itinerary for us and the staff was very helpful before and throughout the journey. Our flight out of New York was delayed, causing us to miss our connection and resulted in us having to spend a night in Amsterdam and miss out on our first night in Africa but Jessica and team worked their magic so that we just about kept to our original itinerary and didn't skip a beat. We thought we would have had to miss out on golden monkey trekking but they were able to adjust our itinerary so we were still able to do it. We also had a scare regarding Tanzanian visas since we didn't apply for them beforehand (we would recommend getting them before your trip if you can!) and thought we wouldn't be able to get them at Kogatende Airstrip. A frantic email to Jessica's team was responded to quickly to reassure us that we'll be OK, putting our minds at ease. Overall, we felt very well taken care of from the time we landed at our first port of entry to Africa in Kigali to the point where we were dropped off at Kilimanjaro Airport to make our way home. Upon arrival in Africa, just about everything was seamless in getting us from place to place, getting COVID tests, etc. so it was nice to not have much to worry about. And never once did we feel uncomfortable or unsafe due to any reason, including COVID, during our trip. Though this trip felt like it was once-in-a-lifetime, we do hope that we get the opportunity to go on another trip just like this. When we do, we know Expert Africa will be able to craft something magical. We can't wait :)"
By Samuel M on 21 Jun, 2022
"Our trip was quite the odyssey. A long itinerary with lots of moving parts. I was surprised and impressed by Kodo Tours who took care of the hiccups and responded quite promptly to take care of the unforeseen circumstances that pop up on a trip like this. I wish I could book Kodo Tours for all of my trips, easily the best agency I have ever worked with.
By Oliver N on 21 Jun, 2022
The trip was thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilled all my expectations. I terms of covid 19 I felt quite safe in Tanzania with only a few minor exceptions, all the accommodation was selected to give an open environment most of the time so generally masks were not necessary and on safari I saw very few people with masks on. I think Tanzania is more advanced with their vaccinations than the available online information would imply."
By Baldwin C on 21 Jun, 2022